Amateur satellite frequency

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An astronomical object is Ascending when it is moving north in latitude with respect to the celestial sphere or "up" with respect to the usual ground map. Decending means moving south or "down" with respect to the map. Most satellites Including all amateur radio satellites which have ever been launched move west to east or "prograde.

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Amateur satellites function as repeaters in orbit. By transmitting to an amateur satellite in low earth orbit you can make contacts hundreds of miles distant. Many amateur satellites operate as digital repeaters, and some may contain broadband linear transponders that provide multiple simultaneous channels and modes of operation.

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Want to talk to an astronaut in space? We have a 2-meter radio on board the ISS, and when it's in range of a ground station for approximately 10 minutes as it passes overhead the two can communicate," Ransom told Life's Little Mysteries. A ground station contains a device capable of both transmitting and receiving radio waves near the megahertz frequency.

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Nonhams usually are pretty surprised to find out about ham radio satellites. Imagine — do-it-yourself satellites! As of early25 active satellites were providing ham-to-ham communications or supporting the scientific experiments of student teams by sending telemetry back to Earth.

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An amateur radio satellite is an artificial satellite built and used by amateur radio operators for use in the Amateur-satellite service. The designation is assigned by AMSATan organization which promotes the development and launch of amateur radio satellites. Because of the prevalence of this designation, amateur radio satellites are often referred to as OSCARs.

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It will be difficult to identify the orbital parameters of the CubeSat immediately after launch. Thus, in order to track the on-orbit satellite, it is important and valuable to ask the ham network for assist in tracking the satellite as well as operating it. We will conduct communication experiments between the satellite station and our ground station using the well-known communication protocol Ax.

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This table provides a breakdown of the Gibraltar radio spectrum allocations within the range It is intended to give an overview of the current use of the spectrum within Gibraltar. It is not exhaustive in detail nor does it confer or imply any guarantee that allocations will not be altered in the future.

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My favorite ham activity is making contacts via satellites. Not only is there the romantic notion of sending messages into outer space, but you have to trace the orbit of the satellite with your antenna while tuning the radio, to compensate for the Doppler effect. Repeaters are automated relay stations that allow hams to send signals over a greater distance using low-power hand held transceivers.

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Slashdot is powered by your submissionsso send in your scoop. The satellite series has used a number of different lift vehicles - FalconSAT-3 used an Atlas V rocket, as part of a multi-satellite launch. It got re-used as the payload on SpaceX's first-ever launch, the first Falcon 1 flight.

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In my first blog covering Ham Radio satellite basicswe went over the mechanics and logistics of hearing amateur satellite passes. This entry assumes you are comfortable with the terms and techniques in my first post and can reliably monitor a satellite pass. If you need a refresher, feel free to review before working on this material.


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