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Kids, be free Be whatever you are, do whatever you wanna do Just so long as you don't hurt anybody Hurry Hurry Hurry! IC fuckin' P's in the Haugh! And I come with a hat full of tricks, Trunk full of Faygo, car full of fat chicks.

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Kill him Kil him I don't need a fuckin band for my beats Mike Clark and me both bootin' your cheeks The stage, the mic, and a Juggalo army Hoes climb up and try to grind on me Any dumb freak tryin'a steal my stage Gets punched in the ass and kicked in the face Fuck your dresscode, I swing my balls Fuck your restrooms, I'm pissin on walls Securities look like weak ass wrestlers Pettin' kids down like child molesters I'm sick of this bullshit, I'm Shaggs the Clown We cuttin' craniums off then drag em around You know me, when I drive by, mumbling sparks In the little yellow bus, packed full of retards And we off the charts, under the radar Deep in the dumpster where the real Juggalos are.

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Street cred can be attained through various means, but striking fear in others is one of the more prevalent -- and effective -- ways to go about being respected in the streets, as well as in the realm of hip-hop. Going back as early as pioneers like Melle Mel, who was one of the first street-certified MCs in rap, hip-hop had its fair share of imposing figures during the s, including Just-Ice, Eric B. While there were more than a few fearsome figures in rap, much of the music made prior to -- when acts like N.

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DDT'ed him on the sidewalk. Threw his dead body in the trunk. Went to the party and got crunk. Let the bumps bump.

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And what's the big deal about my neck Just because now and then I like to let it stretch Up a couple feet to get a better sight Is that any reason to scream and run in fright No, so, now how ya gonna act? So what if I got another arm growing out of my back I guess I'm just another freak show thing And now they got me in the three ri-ii-ii-ing Three ring a ding a ding ding People love to point and stare Three ring a ding a ding ding It's the same as everywhere Three ring a ding a ding ding People love to point and stare Three ring a ding a ding ding It's the same as everywhere Ring two, how do you do? I'm Shaggy 2 Dope, chicken-faced bitch, who?

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Translate Email Print. Brotherly Love 2. Pushing Me 3.

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Its shagg the clown Its shagg the clown Watch it yo! Fuck the fuck off! Watch it yo!

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If this song really means something special to you, describe your feelings and thoughts. Don't hesitate to explain what songwriters and singer wanted to say. Also we collected some tips and tricks for you:. Shaggy 2 Dope — Fxck Off!

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Top definition. Insanely Comfortable Pants. Joe: dude i got some icp's on today.

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And these days are gone What the fuck you gonna do In my last days I'm straight raw doggin these crusty ass hoes Who wanna still be fuckin What's the use, hey I'm dead anyway Talk the talk walk the walk What ya gotta say I'll get on my knees and pray to God, Allah, Buddha. Yo, who ever pays It really don't matter cause I'm burnin And the next couple days I'm a earn it Deviant, filthy, useless. Don't confuse it It's my last couple days I'm a use em up Motha fuck these days I'm outta luck Bottom line is, don't get in my way cause this is real I got some bad news and a phone call from my doctor Sayin I don't have long 24 hours and my lifes a rap So I'm a spend it like a motha fuckin mainiac Pullin up to my old job from back in the day Blarin the AK and let my windex spray Bustin off at the cops when they just pull up Roll my window down and throw a wicked clown sing up Times up and another 8 hours So I showed up at my baby mammas bridal shower Walk up to her with my axe in hand Cut her head off right in front of her new man Another quick chop to her mom and dad Now I'm covered in blood And headed back to my van My shit list is almost complete I got one more person to kill and that's me Last Day Alive.


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