Salad recipes for every day
Tasty salad recipes for every day Not necessarily to go to expensive restaurants in order to eat well. In the home also can cook quite a lot of delicious dishes.…

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The most expensive dishes
The most expensive dishes The world's most expensive nut - macadamia. Once it was the staple food of Australian aborigines. Due to the complexity of breeding and harvesting the delicacy…

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The 50 most delicious dishes in the world by CNN

The 50 most delicious dishes in the world by CNN

1. Indonesian dish Rendang (Rendang). It is cooked in milk beef with the addition of lemongrass, turmeric, garlic, chilli and ginger. According to the CNN audience, this “most delicious” dish of all, what they have ever tasted.

2. Dish Nasi goreng (nasi goreng), Indonesian also. It’s a mixture of rice, chicken and eggs.

3. Japanese sushi.

4. Thai dish Tom yum gung (Tom Yam Goong), which includes so many products, not all at once and will remember. Here are just some: lemongrass, shrimp, tomatoes, mushrooms, limes, spices.

5. Thai dish Pad thai (pad Thai) served with a special sauce.

6. Thai salad Som tam (som Tam). It is prepared from papaya with venison and spices.

7. Dumplings Dim sum (dim sum). This dish is from Hong Kong, which needs no introduction, as his try all tourists coming to this country.

8. Japanese soup Ramen (ramen). This is the first dish with noodles, spices, meat.

9. Chinese dish Peking duck, or “Peking Duck”. The first time it is best to try it in Beijing – only here the chefs prepare the dish according to ancient recipes.

10. Thai dishes Massaman curry (the curry massaman) rounded out the top ten best meals of the world.

11. Italian lasagna (Yes, lasagna ahead and pizza and pasta).

12. Korean kimchi.

13. Singapore chicken with rice, vegetables, olive oil, spices and cucumber sauce.

14. Indonesian dish Satay, which represents meat sauce.

15. American ice cream with nuts and chocolate sauce.

16. Turkish kebabs.

17. Italian ice cream.

18. French croissants with raspberry jam.

19. Green curry from Thailand.

20. Vietnamese dish is Pho, a broth with rice noodles, chicken and herbs.

21. Simple English dish of Fish ‘n’ chips.

22. Egg tart, egg tart from Hong Kong, which is eaten warm as a dessert.

23. Korean dish Bulgogi, which turned to be a thousand years old. It is prepared from meat, rice, vegetables and eggs.

24. Fried rice Fried rice, Thai dish.

25. The Mexican chocolate.

26. Malaysian Penang assam laksa soup.

27. Mexican tacos, tortillas with different fillings, flavored salsa, sea salt, garlic.

28. Pork BBQ, a dish from Hong Kong, dressed with honey sauce with rice and garnish.

29. The Singapore Chili crab, crab with chili pepper.

30. American cheeseburger.

31. American fried chicken.

32. International dish, preferably prepared with the best cook and no matter where a lobster.

33. Spanish paella with seafood.

34. Hong Kong baked shrimp.

35. Italian Neapolitan pizza.

36. Thai grilled pork with lemon juice, garlic, chili pepper, rice, fish sauce and spices, Moo nam tok.

37. American potato chips.

38. International vanilla ice cream with warm chocolate cake and nuts.

39. Indian Masala dosa, crispy and thin pancakes stuffed with spicy potato.

40. Korean Bibimbap, meat with vegetables, rice, egg and spices.

41. Korean Galbi, the meat with spices.

42. German Burger.

43. Mexican fajitas.

10 super salads for a quick hand
10 super salads for a quick hand Very often it happens that, come home, the phone rings, and you know that just thirty minutes you will glance at the evening…

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Meals for children and adults
As you've probably noticed that I economical housewife . and I don't like to be wasteful. Now I decided to go to learn, but it costs a lot of money.…