Meat bad for you?
Meat bad for you? Let's see! From time immemorial one of the primary elements in the menu were meat dishes. Now, however, in the fashion of vegetarianism, promoted replacement of…

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Meat loaf and his culinary incarnations
Meat loaf and his culinary incarnations One of the most original and versatile of dishes. which can decorate any festive table, is the so-called "meat loaf." Actually meat loaf is…

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Show off in the kitchen


Approximate price: $4000

Nice to make coffee in the morning is not forbidden. Jewelry made of Swarovsky crystals 3100 is not the only advantage of the Nespresso Crystal. Coffee machine company Nespresso (a subsidiary of Nestle) home to a unique system of capsules that allows you to prepare coffee with all its particular blend of notes of aroma and taste. Conventional Arabica coffee these coffee makers do not put, otherwise the whole point of elite ideas. Only selected varieties, unique blends. But Nespresso Crystal is not just an expensive toy, it is, above all, status purchase.


Gold Bugatti Diva Espresso

Approximate price: £2789

Bugatti Diva prepares coffee in the traditional Italian method. Espresso, cappuccino and Americano very delicious. From the manufacturer you can also order individual version of coffee machines. Then in turn allowed a unique trim with leather, gold, silver, crystal, clear case with Swarovski… in short, will do my best to make guests just gasped, seeing you at home this creation.


Delonghi Primadonna

The excellent coffee is preparing one of the latest developments of the company Delonghi. Runs silently, accurately dispenses milk, air, steam, makes a perfect milk froth for cappuccino, latte, macchiato. In addition, can be programmed for any recipe coffee, allows you to set your preferred temperature of the drink. In General, more exclusive, more personal Cup of coffee is not worth looking.


Jura F90

Approximate price: $2000

This coffee maker has the ability to connect via a global network to manage. Also via the Internet in Jura F90, you can download a special recipes for coffee.

Not everything is rosy in the software advanced coffee makers. Security experts warn users Jura F90, coffee hackers can connect to your machine and affect the quality of the drink. For example, they simply reprogram the coffee maker and latte is desired you will get espresso.


Ferrari Racepresso

The brainchild of desiner Ilgar Rustamov while only conecpt-CT. Coffee is made in the shape of a racing helmet. There is one more thing uniting the machine and the “Formula 1”. This is the sound of the engine of a racing car that follows the process of making coffee Racepresso. Espresso is prepared just as quickly as German racing driver Sebastian Vettel to reach the finish line F1.


Tonino Lamborghini

Approximate price: $1750

If your fleet includes a Lamborghini, then the appearance of the kitchen is a unique coffee maker Tonino Lamborghini limited edition collection is more than appropriate. If the car is still only a dream, then a coffee with a recognizable logo that symbolizes all the pleasures of dolce vita, is the first step towards incarnation cherished desires. Will prepare exclusive espresso or latte and at the same time to train in the gear change on a smaller version of the famous shifter Lamborghini mounted on the front panel of the coffee machine. Attached to the coffee maker personal coffee beans and set.

Ukraine’s largest Internet-store of technology will help to choose the necessary equipment to prepare meals and favorite drinks, as well as to maintain cleanliness in the house, for washing. Kettles, food processors, dishwashers, refrigerators, microwave ovens… Large appliances are presented in both fixed and embedded versions.

The most expensive in the world products
The most expensive in the world products Everyone has their dream in life: to travel around many countries of the world and see the sights. But there are people who…

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Tasty seven-day diet for weight loss
Tasty seven-day diet for weight loss: menus and recipes Delicious diet is not about whether the dream of every woman who wants quickly and without efforts will reset a few…