The most expensive sausage in the world
The most expensive sausage in the world Sausage Russian origin appeared, at least, during the "Patriarchal despotism", where you can find the first historical mention. Before, in Kievan Rus, the…

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Simple salads for every day
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Meat loaf and his culinary incarnations

Meat loaf and his culinary incarnations

One of the most original and versatile of dishes. which can decorate any festive table, is the so-called “meat loaf.” Actually meat loaf is not bread, and only simulates the shape of a loaf of bread. The advantage of this dish is that it combines perfectly with many dishes, especially salads, and hot dishes – for example, mushrooms and potatoes which can be cooked for this recipe .

The idea of putting a cold dish in the form of a loaf of bread, as well as the name of the dish came in a modern traditional English cuisine. English cooks call this dish “meatloaf”. In fact – it’s meatloaf, mentioned in the Roman kitchen, in the famous cookbook of the ancient Romans – Apicius, and which is popular in Belgian, Dutch and German culinary traditions.

Minced meat is formed in bancobrasil the view using a special form for baking bread, but in daily life this form can be given and hands. Meat loaf is not required to form in the form of the usual bread “brick”, it can be any shape, including rounded, and form a long loaf, and sausages.

Preparing meat loaf in the oven, on the baking sheet. This is, perhaps, the only thing that unites a huge variety of meat loaf recipes.

Meat loaf consists of minced meat or minced meat is the basis. The meat can be almost anything: beef, beef, pork, chicken, Turkey, rabbit and hare meat, venison, young lamb. The main requirement is that the meat had a peculiar smell. This is why meats such as duck or old lamb is not really suitable.

Minced meat (minced or passed through a meat grinder) mix with other products. Of the most common additives are a success boiled eggs, soy flour, soaked in water, milk, beer, red wine, wheat bread, minced, bread crumbs, breadcrumbs. An excellent addition to the mixture can be also cereal, flour. For flavor creation and flavor nuances add onions (green and bulb), chopped sweet and hot pepper, boiled, lightly fried in vegetable oil, mushrooms, fragrant spices, shredded cheeses, herbs, vegetables – such as beets, carrots, garlic.

Recipes for meat loaf – a lot. Each culinary tradition has beat this dish on its own. A variety of ingredients that add the meat cooks, make meat loaf surprisingly different taste. Moreover, the palatability of this dish can essentially be adjusted by using the “related” products such as sauces, mayonnaises, ketchups and condiments, and other dishes, complete with cold bread. Different ways of cooking your meat loaf can be found here .

The Russians are preparing exotic dishes
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