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Quick snack – a herring with onions

Herring with onions is undoubtedly quite simple, tasty and quick appetizer of herring . To prepare herring with onions from the salty herring, store-bought or saline in the home. Click on this, You can see the recipe ” how to salt herring at home “, which I have already described. And in this short article I will explain how to quickly and easily prepare a delicious appetizer of herring (herring), because different herring dishes . for example, the dressed herring or vorschmack. do much longer.

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Herring with onions, as a quick appetizer, recipe

The recipe for a delicious quick snack of salted herring is very simple and doesn’t require great culinary skills. But looks beautiful and tasty and is eaten.

To prepare this quick snack you will need:

The herring salty (salt or buy your own) – 1 piece;

Onions (I prefer red) – 1 piece;

Sunflower oil (I usually use for snacks unrefined oil, it smells delicious) – 2 tablespoons.

How to cook quick appetizer of herring with onions, a recipe from

To prepare a quick appetizer of herring with onions, you need herring (herring) to clean, remove head, tail guts and the backbone and rib bones. Cut the herring into pieces, chop the onion, put it on the herring and pour sunflower oil.

Of course, someone might say that herring can be simply cut into pieces and eating. But I don’t like being at the table of these pieces of herring you have to reach inside, pull out bones, remove the skin. The man needs to relax and enjoy delicious food, not to engage in the processing of food. So at home never put on the table a snack from a herring or from its carcass, and only use the fillet of herring.

Now step-by-step recipe for making a quick snack of salted herring.

Take salted herring and begin to fillet.

For this herring is cleaned, cut off the fish head and tail, then cut the herring belly, take out the insides and wash well. It turns out the carcass of a herring.

After that cut the carcass along the herring along the back and took out her spine, at the same time separating it into two halves. Remove one and the other halves of all of the remaining rib bones, then remove the skin and get two herring fillets.

Herring fillets I rinse with cold water and put on paper towel to remove the water. After that put herring fillet together in the form of the original carcass, and cut into pieces width of about 2.5 – 3 cm.

The herring pieces are placed in seledochnitsu opposite to each other with little overlap lateral parts of herring up, and backs out.

Cut into rings onion and stack the rings on herring. From top to pour unrefined sunflower oil. Instead of sunflower oil you can use olive.

That’s all. A simple quick appetizer of herring ready. Delicious herring with onions will decorate your table, and no need to wait, have a bite to eat and enjoy.

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