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The worst dish in the world

The worst dish in the world: all kinds of exotic on the plate (shocking video)

Like the exotic and experiments? Then you definitely need to try all the dishes from our rating. Really enjoy you to want hardly anyone will dare.

The worst dish in the world – KAFU Marzu (Casu Marzu), Italy

Italian cuisine is known for its culinary masterpieces, but as they say, every family has its black sheep. The name of this freak “Cass Marzu”.

This is a special kind of sheep cheese, the uniqueness of which is that it is stuffed with larvae of the cheese fly. These insects are necessary for the fermentation of cheese, but after performing its function are not removed from the cheese.

Therefore, KAFU Marzu meant to be eaten with live maggots. Moreover, these insects can jump to a height of 15 cm.

So better close your eyes when you eat this cheese. So it will be safer, and, probably, the show would not be as disgusting.

KAFU Marzu very popular in Sardinia. Exports of this cheese included in the honorary ranking of “the most tasteless dish” is unacceptable because in this case the cheese is spoilt.

The worst dish in the world – Balut (Balut), Vietnam

In Cambodia, Viet Nam, Philippines – local fast food. Balut in these parts sell at every step. Of course, maybe it tastes good, but looks like the most disgusting dish in the world.

In fact, this is a boiled egg with a formed embryo. Local assure that balut is very useful and rich in proteins.

No doubt, after all, to force myself to eat this crap can if only for its medicinal properties.

To buy balut, you need to approach any local dealer on the street and select it from the egg basket.

The seller will season the dish with salt and vinegar-onion sauce. Then you make a hole and drink the broth. Is a “fun” 5 hryvnia.

WATCH the video, how eat balut

The most tasteless dishes – Escamoles (Escamoles), Mexico

It is a disgusting dish native to Mexico. In short, escamoles is the kind of salad that is made from the eggs of giant black ants.

In his homeland of escamoles I love all the locals. Ant eggs are eaten raw or cooked. Those who had the courage to try this dish, say it tastes like. nuts.

Often eat it with tacos and guacamole. This is such a bread envelope, inside of which is escamoles with a blend of avocado and spices.

Also ant eggs stewed with onions, and when they take the form of cottage cheese, wrap in tortilla (tortilla made of corn flour).

SEE shokiruya a selection of the most tasteless dishes in the world

The worst dish in the world is Lutefisk (has been lying in water), Norway

Lutefisk is a traditional dish in Norway and in Sweden and parts of Finland. It is usually made from cod.

Dried fish soaked in caustic soda for three days. On soaked several days in water.

After chemical reactions of the fish becomes jelly-like and has a peculiar pungent smell.

However, despite the very distinctive taste, is the favorite food of the Scandinavians, especially at Christmas.

The most tasteless dishes – Wine from mice (Baby Mice Wine), Korea

Of course, wine does not apply to food, but we couldn’t pass by this “delicacy”.

Imagine in Korea make wine from. mice! They say the taste is more like gasoline, but it is considered very healing beverage.

The process of making wine – not for the faint of heart. Newborn mice that haven’t even opened my eyes, throw in a bottle of rice wine and left to ferment.

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