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19 most expensive substances in the world

19 most expensive substances in the world

Gold is undoubtedly an expensive metal, but there are many other substances that are worth more than gold. Ranging from food to precious stones. Present a selection of the most expensive substances in the world. White truffles.

$ 5 per gram or $ 5,000 per kilogram. This seasonal mushroom can be added to pasta, rice, meat or to make truffle oil


11.13 USD per gram. Saffron is a flowering plant that can be used as a natural medicinal remedy almost everything from treat depression to solve problems with menstrual cycle.

Caviar Iranian Beluga.

Costs 35$ per gram. This caviar is well suited as a cold appetizer, spread on unsalted crackers or bread.


Is 39.81$ per gram. In addition to value jewelry metal has a high resistance to corrosion and has good electrical conductivity.


Costs 45$ per gram. Used in a three-way catalytic conversion to reduce carbon emissions in automotive engines.


Costs 45$ per gram. First of all, it is a catalyst in scientific experiments, jewelry and a component in the cure for cancer

The Rhino horn.

Worth 55$ per gram. According to Asian beliefs, the powder from the horn the Rhino cures almost all diseases.

Cream La Mer.

Costs 70$ per gram. This miracle will save you from wrinkles, so says the advertisement.


High-quality heroin worth up to a$ 110 per gram. A strong hallucinogenic and analgesic, instantly causing addictive.


Costs 120$ per gram. Powerful drug that causes euphoria and addictive from the first use, popular among teenagers.

Crack cocaine.

Costs 600$ per gram. Someone uses it to increase the tempo during the party, someone just develops bad habits.


The crystal of this acid is$ 3,000 per gram. Peak of popularity was in the 1960s. Addicts also served the CIA in their experiments.


Costs 4000$ per gram. Used to create nuclear reactions. There are two kinds of plutonium: one is used in the creation of nuclear weapons, other nuclear reactors.


Costs from 2500 to 20000$ per gram. The mineral is so rare that it is used only as a gemstone.


Worth 30000$ per gram. Used on the labels “EXIT” and evacuation plans. Thanks to him they glow.


Cost 65000$ per gram or 13000$ per carat.


Is 300000$ per gram. Hit the Guinness book of records as the rarest mineral. For the entire history was found and processed just the two stones.

California 252.

Worth 27000000$ per gram. The CA isotope is used in devices for detection of oil and water in oil wells.


Price is$ 100 trillion per gram. Can be used as fuel. It will allow you to reach the nearest star in a matter of seconds and come back.

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