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Honey Spas


On August 14, Orthodox Christians celebrate Honey Spas, or Maccabee. In this day to sanctify the water and honey “new crop”. Traditionally on this holiday must-cook honey cakes, pancakes with poppy seeds and honey.

However, from year to year to cook the same dishes get boring, so Ukrainian mistresses are trying to diversify the festive menu other dishes with honey and poppy seeds. According to the survey, which was conducted  “Eat tastefully”. many Ukrainians observe lent, which begins on 14 August, however, many refuse it, and on the feast of cooked meats.

No. 1 – Honey wings

Still weather allows you to ride on nature and picnics, the Ukrainians use any excuse to go for a walk. And picnics usually cook or kebab, or chicken legs or wings. That’s why the majority of survey respondents replied that honey often cook chicken wings.

And to cook this dish is very simple. You can soak chicken wings in honey marinade, and in the evening just quickly fry them – and a festive table is set. Recipe chicken wings in honey sauce can be found here .

No. 2 – Honey cake

Recipes honey cake there are many. Every housewife prepares it in its own way and adds their own “secret” ingredients. Now in all the pastries popular to add fresh fruit to make it as fortified. Therefore, in such a festive day, you can prepare a delicious honey cake with bananas and kiwi. Recipe of this delicacy can be found here .

# 3 – Pancakes

A traditional dish at Maccabee considered “szulik” – slices of cakes with poppy seeds and honey. And baked from unleavened dough without milk and eggs, as has already occurred post. However, those who do not observe lent, love to cook pancakes with poppy and honey, a traditional dish in many feasts. Recipe of delicious pancakes, which, by the way, shared their Ruslana Pysanka can be found here .

No. 4 – Honey bread

Modern hostess returned to his grandmother’s traditions and started to bake bread. Although now, thanks to technological progress, the oven, the bread was very simple. And at home you can prepare this bread, which you will not find in any store. Because now in the bread, you can add all sorts of condiments, fruits and even pieces of fat.

A holiday to cook a fancy bread with honey and apricots. The recipe for this bread can be found here .

No. 5 – Honey jelly

Honey is very useful due to its composition, however, is not as high in calories as other desserts, which is why nutritionists advise to replace sugar with honey in tea and various pastries and cakes. Honey you can cook healthy and delicious dessert – honey jelly.

To prepare this dish you will need only water, honey, lemon and banana, as well as starch. By the way, if starch be replaced by gelatin – get a honey jelly. The recipe for honey jelly can be found here .


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