Tasty beer snacks
  As is known, traditional beer snacks — it's all kinds of seafood, fish, sausages, chips, salty nuts, crackers or a variety of cheese. Many of them can be easily…

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The most expensive dishes
The most expensive dishes The world's most expensive nut - macadamia. Once it was the staple food of Australian aborigines. Due to the complexity of breeding and harvesting the delicacy…

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Salad recipes for every day

Tasty salad recipes for every day

Not necessarily to go to expensive restaurants in order to eat well. In the home also can cook quite a lot of delicious dishes. Dumplings, fritters, jelly, fries, rice, salad is not only delicious name, it’s a dish that can please his family in any minute. In order to cook well do not need to be a professional chef, the main stock up to the required products, to take a more exalted mood and forward – to learn the basics of culinary art.

Let’s try to create a festive menu that can be cooked on a weekday. If it is lunch, then you want to start with the selection of entrees. Because you know all the culinary preferences of his own family, it is possible to determine the dish is not difficult. If the second will cook any meat or fish dish, then first you can prepare vegetable soups or broths. Assume, ear, Thistle or red this soup is perfect for the occasion. How delicious to cook any of these dishes again to spy on the Internet. Then choose recipes of the second dishes. As a garnish you can cook common vegetables, pasta or cereals in combination with various sauces. For example, the pasta served with tomato sauce and etc. the Main focus should be, of course, meat and fish recipes. Meat can bake, fry or grill it. Preliminarily, it should first be pickled in wine. as well as the spices. You can experiment with a variety of marinades and even pick up a few, so that your tasters had a choice. In addition to meat dishes you can come up with something from fish, especially if this product is also love in your family. Came the turn and to salads. Not necessarily to cook a lot of them, a pair will be enough. You should choose dishes based on tomatoes, shrimps, olives, cabbage, crackers, that is light that they were not the main dish on the table, but only addition. Can prepare salad, carrots in Korean and much more. Home kitchen does not imply precise boundaries. It is clear that the classic recipes prepared according to a specific schema, however they can and to upgrade a little, to make something of themselves. For dessert, you can present dishes from cottage cheese, various jellies, or made by their own hands truffles. As for drinks, best tea with herbs, fruit compote, Apple juice and much more.

I think after that holiday dinner will want to continue the Banquet. Arrange small family celebrations more often. And recipes withFX and original ideas to draw from culinary . Prepare at home with , because the real home cooking much better idea of all that we offer in canteens, cafes etc. don’t be afraid to try, mainly because in this way new light on culinary masterpieces.