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National and exotic dishes, Bali

National and exotic dishes, Bali ( Indonesia )

Today I would like to tell about Balinese cuisine and specific dishes that You can taste only here! In Bali: religion, culture, traditions, art and of course cuisine.

Interestingly, the food of Bali is not particularly sharp compared with the cuisines of other Islands of Indonesia. Spices of course are used a lot but their composition is radically different from the usual Asian. National dish of the island can be called the suckling pig, although most of the island is Muslim and does not eat pork. To cook one of their national dishes to the Balinese sometimes it takes about 10 — 20 hours for complex technologies but it’s worth it because the dishes get softer and juicier.

Top of the most popular dishes in Bali:

1. The most popular Balinese dish is Babi guling is a suckling pig on a spit, stuffed with lots of herbs and spices: onions, garlic, ginger, turmeric, coriander, chilli, lemongrass, black pepper, shrimp paste, lime leaves. Piglet roasted on a spit, and then cut, separately zazharistoe remove skin, cut meat, make cracklings, and from the innards of blood sausage. All this is served with white boiled rice. You can try only in special cafes specializing in this dish, you need to come to the cafe in the morning, while the pig is not finished and still have delicious pieces. Popular place where you can taste the Babi guling in Ubud, this cafe Ibu Oka in the centre of the city.

2. Very popular sate – skewers of seafood or meat. The skewers of meat or seafood is a very popular Indonesian dish. Sate fry in on the grill and served with peanut sauce that makes their taste unforgettable.

3. Bebek Betutu — duck in Balinese . This betutu Bebek is duck, stewed in a mixture of spices — turmeric, ginger, galangal, lumbangan, as well as nuts, coconut oil, onion, garlic and shrimp paste.

Desserts in Bali is very specific and if You don’t they will satisfy you, you can compensate for the different abundance of delicious exotic fruits. And yet of all the strange recipes you can try varnish-varnish is better known as Bali’s pie, and bubur of ingin pudding of black rice is one of the major Balinese desserts that you should try to understand what the Balinese indulge.

Lacquer-Lacquer (a mixture of rice flour, coconut and sugar cane)

Bubur of Engin — sweet rice pudding made of black wild rice, black wild rice, which has long soaking in water and then mixed with glutinous rice and stewed over low heat with vanilla and palm sugar, after leave to thicken. Ready pudding sprinkled with coconut milk and decorated with coconut flakes

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