The Russians are preparing exotic dishes
Russians prepare exotic dishes. Exotic dishes always arouse unexpected emotions. Sometimes the appearance or the name of the dish scare you, and the taste - divine! Travel abroad, cooking at…

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The most expensive in the world products
The most expensive in the world products Everyone has their dream in life: to travel around many countries of the world and see the sights. But there are people who…

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Quick snacks

Guests descended?Quick snacks will save you

Delicious light snacks.

In case there are unexpected guests of your salvation – crackers, tarts and crisps.

They will become an excellent basis for quick snacks.

Light snacks are best obtained from the cherry tomatoes and paste any fillers.

Ideal cottage cheese, soft avocado, cheese (cheese and regular).

Try this recipe quick snacks.

Grind in a blender soft avocado, adding a little lemon juice.

Using a pastry syringe or a teaspoon, place on saltine crackers the resulting paste, and the top put on each cracker in half cherry tomatoes.

A quick snack and get out of the semis.

For example, boil the sausages, cut lengthwise and fill with grated cheese with herbs and seasonings.Place in the microwave for a couple minutes until the cheese melts.

Use of existing fridge vegetables if you prefer light snacks. Ideal for light appetizers – bell peppers.

Cut them in wide strips lengthwise, fill low-fat cottage cheese mixed with salt and garlic, and cover with the pickle.

Cooked soup, and you are left with boiled beets? Perfect! Because of beets turn out delicious light meals with a national flavour. For example, the Georgian pkhali. To do this, mash the beets with a fork, add the crushed roasted walnuts, garlic, salt and pepper. You can also stir in a little coriander, but this seasoning has a very specific taste. From the resulting mass form balls or pellets – most interesting from snacks are ready!

But – rollmops with Apple. This is one of savoury snacks. Rollmops is rolled in a roll layer of herring. Slice the Apple into julienne strips, mix with red onion, add the sauce (mustard and mayonnaise) and put it on the herring, then roll it into a roll and kill it with a skewer. A great option snacks on skewers.

If the fish is not to your liking, try another starter on skewers. A distinctive feature of this quick snack – the combination of sweet and salty flavors. You will need the prunes, cheese and bacon (or any other thin meats). Steam the prunes, put inside a slice of cheese on top wrap a slice of bacon and kill it with a toothpick.

The following recipe is appetizers on skewers – for lovers of exotic. Cook raw clams or use canned. Defrost shrimp. Each nasazhivaya skewer the shrimp, then mussels, then the capers. Pour snacks on skewers with lemon juice.

The leader of quick snacks – stuffed mushrooms. Separate the mushrooms from the legs, put the cap on a piece of cheese and some seasonings, put it on a minute or two in the microwave. Alternatively, instead of cheese put the olive oil, add spices and garlic and also place it in the microwave.

Almost none recipe snacks on skewers is not without mozzarella or Parmesan.These are best combined with fruit and berries: apples, pears, pineapples, strawberries.

Sausage also good for recipe appetizers on skewers, if its cut into cubes. Combine with olives, cherry tomatoes, cubes of cheese.

Gourmet snacks will impress anyone. In a slice of bread put red caviar on top and RUB the lemon zest and garnish with a sprig of greenery (dill).

By the way, snacks on skewers looked so stunning and saturated with best if you several times repeat the layers: cheese, olive, tomato, shrimp, cheese, olive, tomato, shrimp, etc.

If you decide to treat friends are not only delicious snacks, but also wine, remember that the cheese will not do! Easy wines to match the cheeses with a delicate taste and strong – with more acute.

Exotic dishes on our table
Russian cuisine is famous for such dishes as roast meat, dumplings and pies. These dishes are incomparably delicious, however, we sometimes want to eat and exotics. This is particularly evident…

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Quick snack – a herring with onions
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