The most delicious Italian dishes
The most delicious Italian dishes Italy gave the world many incredibly delicious and diverse dishes. Millions of people start their day with a Cup of espresso coffee, prepare a lunch…

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The worst dish in the world
The worst dish in the world: all kinds of exotic on the plate (shocking video) Like the exotic and experiments? Then you definitely need to try all the dishes from…

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Everyday salads

Everyday simple salads recipes

Prepare your family for a simple festive salad that will be appropriate even for a casual dinner!

The recipes are simple everyday salads for every day

The hostess always tried to make it a regular lunch or dinner more nutritious, colorful and delicious. And for this not just main dishes or appetizers, and perhaps then a new  dishes salads everyday. They didn’t come up with anything sophisticated and did not use expensive products. While cooking the aim was to eat, not to impress family and guests. Now we find this dish in every cuisine of the world and are happy to borrow their simplest recipes. In some countries, ordinary salad can serve as a main dish. Also, these simple recipes are usually healthful. Especially when we cannot be thermally processed ingredients.

Everyday classic salad can be called a detailed recipe for “Cucumber” salad. It uses only a few components that periodically we meet in the kitchen. The principle of the preparation of such dishes was “quick and tasty”, because quite simply chop and mix. Not always used spices or other seasonings. As a dressing use more simple and mundane components. For example, olive or vegetable oil, mayonnaise or sour cream. And as a condiment, if it is used, most often will involve black pepper and salt. To taste can add such herbs as dill and/or parsley.

For their preparation is not always the ingredients are boiled or fried. Rather, for them it is very rare, because the principal is on the table is the first or second course. Even more, sometimes meat components of such meals are replaced with specially cooked meats to speed up the cooking process.

But the lack of a particular passion of cooking such salad is not said in the absence of their diversity, since every woman is trying to create the perfect dish for your family. On a normal day not afraid to improvise, and then sour salad turns into a sharp and cold will not properly serve warm. Each season is rich with their products and features. And now, we shift our usual salad fresh cucumbers, and canned. Go to products, which gave us the season! Some traditional salads from other countries for us too became habitual and now they are increasingly found at home than in a cafe or restaurant. The correct example is the well-known “Caesar” salad. For us it is so accustomed, that he had many international variations, which have not even heard the inhabitants of America. But this is not to say faux pas, but rather the high level of their traditional dishes.

The most delicious salads
Salads recipes Following the well-known French proverb, that a woman from nothing can make a delicious salad, a scandal and a hat – then we'll talk about the first paragraph,…

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Exotic dishes on our table
Russian cuisine is famous for such dishes as roast meat, dumplings and pies. These dishes are incomparably delicious, however, we sometimes want to eat and exotics. This is particularly evident…