The worst dish in the world
The worst dish in the world: all kinds of exotic on the plate (shocking video) Like the exotic and experiments? Then you definitely need to try all the dishes from…

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Show off in the kitchen
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Recipes of exotic dishes

Recipes of exotic dishes from the ordinary ingredients

Good day! Our delicious positive week I would like to share with you some of my favorite recipes of exotic cuisine in the framework of the contest “be Careful! Delicious post!”. Today you will learn how to cook Atlantic omelette with octopus, Neapolitan morning dessert and garlic salad Suvorov. And now attention! For all this you do not need any special products or ingredients, especially octopus

At one time I had a chance to live in the Dorm. It was short, but in obseity best traditions and with all its consequences. It was there I had a few favorite dishes of exotic cuisine. While nothing exotic for their preparation to buy is not necessary, especially for big money. In the end everything turned out very tasty and unusual. Here are some magic recipes of exotic dishes.

Atlantic omelette with octopus

Let’s start with the most important – you don’t need to set sail into the Atlantic or something to catch octopus in the depths of the sea. Our omelette will be used a simple seminarseminar.

Ingredients: four chicken eggs, milk, dumplings, spices.

Recipe preparation: Break the eggs in a deep bowl, add milk and whisk the mixture with a fork or mixer. Everything is exactly the same as during the preparation of an ordinary omelet. Boil a few pelmeni, in accordance with the instructions on the pack of dumplings. And now the secret! Normal people, after dumplings are boiled, drain the water. But we deliberately violate the technology and switch off the heat, leave the dumplings to swim in the pan for a few minutes. Accordingly, they will absorb part of the broth will be so big and slimy. This is our secret seminarseminar. Now move swollen dumplings in the pan and fry a little. Then fill them with scrambled eggs, which we pre-fluffed, add spices to taste (just salt and pepper a little). Cover the pan with a lid, slow down the heat and wait until the whole thing bakes. Usually five to seven minutes is enough. Atlantic omelette with octopus ready. You can invite guests and sell them a new dish

Morning Neapolitan dessert

Here the secret is in the name of the dish. Remember, if you want to impress someone with exquisite cuisine – make what you do best, and the name of the dish, add the word ”Neapolitan”. The effect is guaranteed.

Ingredients: drinking yoghurt, corn flakes, white chocolate, bananas.

The recipe: Take a bowl of medium size. Assume that you (or the person for whom cooking) would have to eat all of its contents. Pour into a bowl of cornflakes to half. Then finely chop the banana and white chocolate. Add all this to the cereal and pour the yogurt Namco. Allow to stand for a few moments, and all the Neapolitan morning dessert is ready. The recipe is simple to a disgrace, and the dish is really exotic. Why only one name is

Garlic salad-Suvorov

You know Suvorov? And it’s none other than my friend. Yes, unfortunately, there is little connection with the great commander. But who knows… anyway, this recipe was taught to me by comrade Suvorov, therefore we are so called garlic salad Suvorov.

Ingredients: garlic, canned corn, mayonnaise, croutons of rye bread.

Even better and tastier dishes out, if you use organic ingredients grown in their own garden! And the first step in this business is to jump in agromagazine for the right seeds and other necessary goods for the agricultural and farming activities.

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