5 most expensive dishes in the world
And everyone knows the rule "More is better" in cooking doesn't always work. After a sandwich at a fast food place can be for someone tastier than filet Mignon in…

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Show off in the kitchen
  Approximate price: $4000 Nice to make coffee in the morning is not forbidden. Jewelry made of Swarovsky crystals 3100 is not the only advantage of the Nespresso Crystal. Coffee…

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The most expensive sausage in the world

The most expensive sausage in the world

Sausage Russian origin appeared, at least, during the “Patriarchal despotism”, where you can find the first historical mention. Before, in Kievan Rus, the meat was salted, trying to extend its shelf life.

But a real high quality sausage we owe to the great political figure and head of state – Peter the great, which contributed to wide dissemination and invited the best chefs of Germany, who had tested a variety of recipes. The era of Peter the great is considered the beginning of sausage production in Russia. The most expensive sausage in the world Sausages are food made from minced meat (in shell) with salt and various spices, and heat-treated or fermented. They are classified as follows: by type of products(boiled sausages, smoked, smoked, boiled – smoked, smoked, liver, and sausages, sausages, pates, jellies, Brawn, meat loaf), the composition of raw materials (meat, dietary, blood, offal), meat, in appearance and presence of the shell, the pattern of the stuffing on the cut, the quality of raw materials (the highest, first, second, third grade).

The high quality of the sausages depends on the raw material, but it is wrong to suggest that sausage products highest grade are produced exclusively for meat processing plants. The most expensive sausage in the world You can do to be the best producer of sausages in the County without leaving your home.

The secrets of making homemade sausages

It is best to use as the shell of the stomach and thick and thin pork intestines, carefully treated immediately after slaughter of the pig. Meat for the filling take fresh chilled, without bones, tendons, tapes, excess fat. Pre-cut pieces (200g) mix with salt and nitrate (5 kg meat 150 g salt and 5g of ammonium nitrate) and wait 3 days, then skip through Mincer 2 times, add the garlic. To heat treatment (cooking) sausage pierce in several places, then the shell will not burst.

The most expensive sausage in the world Cooked home-made sausage (5kg) would require 3 kg beef 1.5 kg pork, 0.5 kg of bacon, 2 cloves of garlic, 0.5 Cup starch, 1 liter of water, 1 teaspoon sugar, I. teaspoon black pepper. Cooked minced meat stuffed in the shell with your hands, spoon or using a meat grinder. Cook the sausage should be in a wide saucepan on a low heat for 45 minutes (small loaves) to 2 hours (thick).

To get a half-smoked sausage, first cold smoke hot smoke for 45 minutes, simmer for 1 hour, then smoke again, but at 40 degrees up to 2 days. Smoked sausage is cooked 45 minutes and is smoked in hot smoke (80 degree) day.

The cake will not burn if under the baking sheet to put the sheet on him not sprinkled with coarse salt

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