Casserole of grated potatoes with minced meat
Casserole of grated potatoes with minced meat in multicookings Potato casserole – it's just some potatoes, an egg, a slice of cheese and all other ingredients to your taste and…

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Show off in the kitchen
  Approximate price: $4000 Nice to make coffee in the morning is not forbidden. Jewelry made of Swarovsky crystals 3100 is not the only advantage of the Nespresso Crystal. Coffee…

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Salads in 2 minutes

Salads in 2 minutes

What is a quick and tasty salad? It is a way to feed unexpected guests, to cook an authentic dining experience. “Salads in 2 minutes” — faithful companions of any meal. Dishes require no special ingredients and dressings. A fairly “standard” set in the refrigerator. Each of the 3 salads — own feast!

Quick salads in 2 minutes

The original taste of the dish gives the spicy smoked sausage and hard cheese.

“Georgian” salad


Fresh tomatoes

smoked sausage

any hard cheese

to taste — garlic.

Prepare a quick salad layers. In the base — thinly sliced smoked sausage. Cut thin rings on top of tomatoes. To spice and zest in the second layer on top of tomatoes desired grated garlic and mayonnaise. Top layer RUB the cheese. He will cover the dish of fluffy fur.

Salad “Rubik’s Cube”

If the refrigerator has a multi-colored peppers, the recipes are simple and delicious salads will be even and bright!


Green, red, yellow pepper – ideally. Although you can do with what you have.

Tomatoes — 2 PCs.

Ham — 200 g.

Cheese varieties — 200g.

For the filling — mayonnaise.

Simply dice all ingredients and mix with mayonnaise. Bright pieces-cubes and gave the funny name of the original dish.

Salad “Velvet”

The Thrifty Housewives always have in reserve a couple of boiled potatoes and boiled eggs in the fridge. Almost all salads are inexpensive and delicious have such a basis.


Boiled eggs and potatoes — by 2-3pc.

Crab sticks

grated cheese

raw carrots

The sequence of layers in a “velvet” recipe is as follows: potatoes, eggs, crabmeat, cheese, carrot. Grated products, impregnated with mayonnaise in each layer, you can give a little brew.

Salad “Paradox”

The original tasty salad to whip up involves an interesting combination of sausage and banana!


Canned corn

smoked sausage

boiled rice




All components take in approximately equal amounts.

Tastes determine the amount of rice and corn. This whole “paradox”. Today the taste of the salad one, tomorrow absolutely another. The ingredients mix, season with salt, pepper, mayonnaise.

Quick and tasty, you can prepare not only salads. Try to surprise your guests with original pasta. after all, delicious doesn’t always mean a long period of cooking.

Spring salads
  Favorite salad Wolfgang von Goethe All fans of the German romantics, this salad will definitely like it. Those who are not familiar with the works of the famous writer…

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Everyday salads
Everyday simple salads recipes Prepare your family for a simple festive salad that will be appropriate even for a casual dinner! The recipes are simple everyday salads for every day…