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Marinated tomatoes


As any hostess in the first place like to cook a tasty dish, but not important enough to these meals we could prepare in a short time, offer two best recipe marinated tomato, appetizer to whip up. I often prepare these delicious, flavorful marinated tomatoes and it is very difficult to determine which of these two recipes tomatoes get tastier. To determine, you should try.

Quick marinated tomatoes,

Recipe No. 1


5 PCs medium size tomatoes 2 cloves of garlic 0,5 tablespoons French mustard 0,5 tablespoons Apple cider vinegar 2 tbsp. olive oil 1/2 tsp ground black pepper ½ teaspoon sugar ½ teaspoon salt herbs (optional)


Tomatoes wash, obsesive, cut into rings.

Peel the garlic, wash and finely shred.

Prepare the marinade:

All the ingredients are garlic, French mustard, Apple cider vinegar, olive oil, ground black pepper, sugar and salt mix.

Put the dish on the ring of tomatoes, top each slice tomatoes pour the prepared sauce. Dish cover with a lid and placed for 30 minutes in the refrigerator.

Pickled tomatoes are ready. Optionally, sprinkle them on top of the greens.

If you cook for the holiday table, it is possible to issue in the form of whole tomatoes, adding slices of the pyramid. If tails, remove them.

In the end, very nice appetizer of pickled tomatoes can you get.

Recipe No. 2

In this case, the tomatoes cooking time is more, but you will not regret it. The potatoes turn out very tasty, flavorful, just ask in the mouth.


5 PCs medium size tomatoes 2 cloves garlic 1 lemon 200 ml olive oil 30 ml balsamic vinegar ½ tsp sugar ½ tsp salt herbs (optional)


Wash the tomatoes, remove the skin, pre-cuts them from the top by a cross and doused with boiling water. Cut them into 2 or 4 parts in the stalk and remove the seeds.

Peel the garlic, wash and finely shred.

Lemon wash, cut the top and bottom, these wedges don’t. Of the remaining lemon and squeeze the juice.

Raskachaem olive oil, remove from heat, add to it the garlic, cut off two slices of lemon. Allow the oil to cool slightly. Then add balsamic vinegar.

When the marinade has cooled completely, put in the tomatoes. The marinade should completely cover the tomatoes.

Put tomatoes in the fridge for 3 hours. It is desirable during this time several times carefully stir the tomatoes.

Tomatoes are almost ready, spread them on a dish, sbryzgivaem them with lemon juice, sprinkle with sugar and salt, optional herbs. Leave them for another 20 minutes, and then serve.

Cook and you will like it. Bon appetit!

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