Exotic dishes on our table
Russian cuisine is famous for such dishes as roast meat, dumplings and pies. These dishes are incomparably delicious, however, we sometimes want to eat and exotics. This is particularly evident…

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The most delicious salads
Salads recipes Following the well-known French proverb, that a woman from nothing can make a delicious salad, a scandal and a hat – then we'll talk about the first paragraph,…

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Raw food diet recipes

Welcome to our  healthy meals – Raw food diet recipes . Here you will find lots of interesting culinary delights, and also new recipes for the most progressive in the world of diet called the raw food diet. What is the purpose of our ?

created to unite and gather the most delicious recipes with  to display them on shelves in a convenient hierarchy for search and use. In addition, if you are the author of the recipe, you have a unique opportunity to easily publish your cooked masterpiece and share it with everyone.

What is the raw food diet?

Raw food diet is a popular new-fangled vegetarian diet, the essence of which is the use of plant raw products. From the first glance it may seem that the range is not rich, but it is not. Raw foodists eat fruits, vegetables, nuts, herbs, cereals, dried fruits, cereals, legumes, honey and other products that have not undergone heat treatment above 44 degrees.

What you might need for cooking?

In order to seamlessly prepare most of the recipes you will need normal or better a ceramic knife and a blender. No more frying pans, ovens and stoves. These simple recipes can be prepared even by a kid. In some cases, you may need dehydrator, which is like the sun dries without destroying the natural structure of plants, a juicer and a kitchen scale.

What are the popular recipes you can cook on the raw food diet? Can, almost everything. It is for this that were created  is to gather a huge database that will house all the recipes with grapheme and detailed description. Here you will find all sorts of raw-food cooking recipes from appetizers to complete meals. Cooking eternal companion of human life, at least until one is freed from the bondage of food. Our absolutely free recipes will tell you how to make healthy ice cream, make vegan “Cheese”, and lots of delicious and nutritious sauces.

At the moment, the raw food diet has become the most popular alternative form of power in society. The followers of the diet note in his good health, increased energy and good mood at any time of the day. Moving to a raw food diet, you have nothing to lose but only gain a new positive experience that can well flavor delicious raw food treats. Join us! Become our readers and add your own recipes of delicious dishes. Share your culinary skills with the rest!

Beer snacks
Today one of the most popular alcoholic beverages among representatives of a strong half of mankind, and, on the contrary, among charming ladies can be called beer. Beer can be…

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Chicken fillet with pineapple
Chicken fillet with pineapple - the first family exotic dish   "In the first year of our marriage, my husband and I, but I think most of the girls, conducted…