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The most exotic fruits

The most exotic fruits.

Most exotic fruits are true wonders of nature, about which perhaps you have never heard of. In this article you will not only learn about these fruits and see how they look.

American apricot (mammea American). Its homeland is South America. The fruit has a diameter of about 20 cm with thick courcey and orange pulp and one seeds.

Cream Apple (cherimoya) is a South American plant from the highlands. The fruit is rounded in shape. White flesh, very aromatic.

Platonia wonderful – a very high tree, grows in the forests of Paraguay and Brazil. The fruit has the size of an orange with white flesh.

The cocoon is a fast – growing shrub. Planting a seed, after 11 months you can get a harvest. Berries form and color, like tomatoes, and taste – tomatoes, mixed with lemon.

Breadfruit. The ripe fruit tastes like banana, if to make a meal of unripe fruit, the taste of a dish similar to bread.

Dooku, langsat is a fruit from Asia. Peel langsat difficult to remove, and Dooku easily. The pulp is very sweet, but the seed is bitter.

Dacryodes edible (African pear). The native land of this evergreen tropical tree is Africa, Nigeria, Angola. The fruits of almost a purple color with green pulp consists of almost 50 % of fatty acids.

Grape tree (jaboticaba) – the strange tree of Brazil. Flowers first appear on the trunk and branches, and then produces fruit the size of a quail egg with a soft flesh, very sweet taste.

Rambutan (“Chinese sucker”) is a fluffy strawberry. Originating from Asia. The fruit size is from 3 to 6 cm with a sweet-sour taste.

Noni (Indian mulberry, Moringa). It grows in the tropics of Southeast Asia, and bears fruit all year, rich in iron, calcium, vitamins in large quantities and is used everywhere in food.

Marula – origin from Africa. The fruits with white flesh is very juicy. Ripe fruits are quick to rot and ferment.

Elephants eat fermented fruit and often go to a light intoxication. The harvest is used to make Amarula liqueur.

Snake fruit (Salak ) the Fruit has a reddish-brown rind, the taste and composition to resemble an Apple.

Stone Apple (Bael) – yellow fruit hardness resembles the coconut, until the flesh can be broken with an axe or a hammer. The flesh is usually yellow with seeds. From it is prepared the drink “sharbat”, ingredients: water, sugar, the pulp of the stone Apple and lime juice. Homeland – India.

Star Apple (chrysophyllum). The name of the fruit from India was due to the internal pattern parasite. Like many tropical fruits, star Apple is sweet taste.

Star fruit (carambola) – in the longitudinal section reveals the pattern of stars. A tree native to the Philippines. Fruits are rich in vitamins, and tastes crispy and sweet.

The horned melon (also called African cucumber) – has spread from Africa to Australia, Chile. The taste is reminiscent of melon, the banana, the flesh is jelly-like green.

Pitaya (cactus fruit) – originally from Mexico, has spread across America, Asia, Australia. Tastes like kiwi.

Miracle berry (“sweet berry”, “miracle fruit”) is an amazing berry: after eating the berries all eaten, seems sweet to the taste. This is because in the fruit of the great content of miraculin with a glycoprotein, in fact, a sugar substitute. Once in the oral cavity, the content “connects” to the palate. If after the magic fruit to eat a lemon, the taste it will be sweet.

Don’t worry, glauci for this abundance of the exotic fruits, if you will never be able to try them. After all, some of them have a very distinctive taste. And we, accustomed to our usual apples, plums and strawberries, the exotic can only lead to stomach upset and not to amazing taste sensations.

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