The most expensive sausage in the world
The most expensive sausage in the world Sausage Russian origin appeared, at least, during the "Patriarchal despotism", where you can find the first historical mention. Before, in Kievan Rus, the…

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Holiday meals
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The most delicious salads

Salads recipes

Following the well-known French proverb, that a woman from nothing can make a delicious salad, a scandal and a hat – then we’ll talk about the first paragraph, namely about salads. After all, no meal is complete without a salad in one form or another. In fact, any grated and sliced food, be it herbs, vegetables, fruits, cheese, eggs or meat mixed with emphasizing their taste of dressing will be wonderful and tasty salad. So, even just sliced cucumber, sprinkled with salt and doused in homemade vegetable oil may already be considered a salad. The most delicious salads will give free rein to your imagination, resourcefulness and creative savvy cook, allowing you to combine incompatible, to create new and unusual flavors, and who knows, maybe soon your child will be able to compete with salad Shuba, Olivier, or Mexican salsa.

Salads are considered to be part of a cold buffet and is served as an appetizer, and our favorite sandwiches. that is, they don’t serve the purpose to feed the guests, and just to whet your appetite for further feasting. Be sure to serve a delicious salad with grilled meat, seasoning it right before serving. In addition to creating a festive atmosphere, and giving rise to new conversations about recipes a mixture of vegetables, fruits and herbs, light salads are indispensable to the health of our body. A simple salad is always a refresh and create in the stomach required environment for the consumption of more junk food.

In this section of our Smak you will find not only the most popular and delicious classic salads from leading chefs and peoples of the world, but also specialty salads with grapheme from all over the world. Here you will learn how to prepare a salad to whip up if unexpected guests turned up unexpectedly, as well as how to make vegetable and cooking so that they are delicious and beautiful.

An important detail when cooking quick salad is a combination of ingredients to taste and salad dressing. A universal rule of creating any tasty salad is to mix the protein food group (meat, fish, seafood, legumes, cheese, eggs, nuts and seeds), with something crunchy, do not forget about sweet or sour ingredients, as well as green and/or vegetable, using a small amount of condiments and dressings is mandatory. Based on this simple recommendations, you can experiment and create your own delicious salads masterpieces. If you create a new dressing, chef’s advisable to test it on a small amount of salad, and only at the end to fill her entire salad. Good luck!

Everyday salads
Everyday simple salads recipes Prepare your family for a simple festive salad that will be appropriate even for a casual dinner! The recipes are simple everyday salads for every day…

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