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Tasty beer snacks


As is known, traditional beer snacks — it’s all kinds of seafood, fish, sausages, chips, salty nuts, crackers or a variety of cheese.

Many of them can be easily made at home, in this case you will know exactly what is included in the treats.

Since beer has long been considered an international beverage and each country has its own quirks of its preparation, it is not surprising that the dishes that are most often used as snacks for beer, have their roots in different national cuisines of the world.

For example, recipes snacks seafood and fresh vegetables fried in tempura are called “tempura” and they come from Japanese cuisine.

To prepare tempura vegetables and shrimp we need:

1 courgette (or zucchini),

1 eggplant,

1 carrot medium size

broccoli, divided into florets (or cauliflower)

1-2 sweet peppers (preferably different colors, for a spectacular view of the dish),

10 mushrooms (you can use oyster mushrooms or Japanese shiitake mushroom),

10 tiger prawns,

flour the slices with vegetables and shrimp

0.5 l vegetable oil for frying.

To prepare batter:

100g wheat flour,

2 eggs,

50 ml of water.

First make the batter, for that mix the water with the eggs and gradually add flour. Stir the dough until homogeneous consistence of dense sour cream.

Shrimp, cleaned, leaving tails.

The courgette or zucchini removed the middle.

All the vegetables cut into cubes and then grind them into a thin plate, like a Japanese fan.

The vegetables and shrimp rolled in flour, and in a spacious sauté pan heat the oil.

Dip prepared food in batter and small portions fry on all sides in hot oil.

Use a slotted spoon to the bowl with the tempura on a paper towel to remove excess oil and served to the table.

Homemade garlic croutons recipe.

Homemade croutons, cooked in this recipe, you don’t get less delicious than store bought, but we know that there are all sorts of harmful additives.

It will prepare:

500g white loaf or other bread,

2-3 cloves of garlic,

100g of vegetable oil,

50g butter,

crushed sea salt and dry herbs, add to taste.


For the recipe it is better to use slightly stale bread. Cut off all crusts and cut the crumb oblong cubes.

Spread the bread on a baking sheet.

Grind the garlic and add the vegetable oil, let it soaked for a little garlic flavor.

Meanwhile preheat the oven to 160 degrees and put it in the pan.

Periodically check the degree of drying of cubes.

When they will be ready by about half, remove the pan and with the help of culinary brush lubricate all the garlic croutons with vegetable oil, season with salt and add dry herbs.

Put in the oven, and the finished rusks should be lubricated with melted butter and in a minute you will get a baking sheet to cool.


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