Meat loaf and his culinary incarnations
Meat loaf and his culinary incarnations One of the most original and versatile of dishes. which can decorate any festive table, is the so-called "meat loaf." Actually meat loaf is…

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The most expensive dishes of the world
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Meals for children and adults

As you’ve probably noticed that I economical housewife . and I don’t like to be wasteful. Now I decided to go to learn, but it costs a lot of money. So I try not to quarrel with the money left and right. I wrote earlier about how to save money. It is certainly possible to save on everything, and on the health of their family including. But I don’t want to sacrifice, especially health. It’s something I’m trying to preserve, especially a child.

To save money on products you do not want, because it’s clearly not good impact on health. So I choose frugal recipes that do not require special, costly.

Today I decided to share with you my most cheap, and some of it useful, and in addition tasty recipes.

So. Fifth place in the top of the cheapest dishes and delicious dishes is cepelinai. They are made pretty simple. For those who do not know how to cook -recipe: clean and RUB on a small grater potatoes, add a little flour. Take the minced meat, add egg, onion, garlic, pepper, salt. Heat the pan, put a spoon in the potatoes, top with a teaspoon of stuffing, and on top put another layer of grated potatoes. Fry on both sides. As you can see the recipe is simple. Nothing special is required: potatoes and stuffing. If you give children before serving a little put out pancakes. It turns out very tasty. Yum. And you can just Potato pancakes me make. RUB on a grater potatoes. Add a little flour, egg, onion, garlic, salt. Mix it all and fry.

Fourth place in the top take the donuts with potatoes and carrots. They are made thus: boil the potatoes in their jackets, clean. Clean. as many carrots, and onion. Fry onions with carrots. Peeled potatoes mince, or just make mashed potatoes. Then do this: make a pancake with potatoes, put a teaspoon of roasted carrots with onions. Then throw that one edge of the pancake. Get these donuts, which then need to be roasted in a skillet.

Third place is the donuts with potatoes and minced meat. the recipe is very similar but a little different. Here’s the recipe: just boil the potatoes, izmelchai in a meat grinder, fry the minced meat with onions. Spread fried minced meat to the potatoes, mix, sculpt donuts, and fry it. Doughnuts can be baked, in the previous recipe, that the meat was in the middle. Serve with sour cream.

Second place is occupied by pancakes with carrots. Here’s the recipe: fried large pancakes, separately roast the carrots with onions or cabbage, and twist to the pancakes. Tasty, yum.

First place is the fried smelt. It is very simple: clean the herring from the bones, intestinal and. Clean the carrots and onions, fry in a pan. 1 heat a frying pan, and fry it, previously dusted in flour. fish. Long to fry is not necessary. She quickly fried. Fried fish and put on top of carrots and onions. Served with pasta, potatoes, or rice. Son and dad adore this fish. Tasty, healthy and the money is not expensive .

Well, perhaps today not all. Soon will complement this list. Also I want to create a recipe for the most simple meals don’t require much time for preparation, and effort. But we mothers do not always have time to cook food. Sometimes you have the whole day to spend with the baby, and to eat in any case we should prepare them. Here and tell you that I cook in these cases.


Quick snacks
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The most delicious dishes of the world
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