Quick snack – a herring with onions
Herring with onions is undoubtedly quite simple, tasty and quick appetizer of herring . To prepare herring with onions from the salty herring, store-bought or saline in the home. Click…

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The most expensive sausage in the world
The most expensive sausage in the world Sausage Russian origin appeared, at least, during the "Patriarchal despotism", where you can find the first historical mention. Before, in Kievan Rus, the…

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Quick salads

Suddenly came to visit? Not scared, because we have left a lot of “fast salads”, that is always at hand. But quick does not mean anyhow. Here’s quick and tasty – just, you know, another thing!

What? Visitors already call? Then run!

Salad Brownie

Ingredients: jar(0.8 l) pickled gherkins 3-6 cm; two packs of crab meat (not sticks); curry (condiment); mayonnaise.

Preparation: Cucumbers cut into strips along. Exactly the same (in shape) chop crab meat thickly-thickly fill with curry and mayonnaise. Ready!

The taste very original and well squooshy


Salad with beans and mushrooms

Ingredients: a jar of red beans; can of mushrooms; 2 onions; 1 large carrot, mayonnaise.

Preparation: a reception And this salad is simple and original. He has two important points: it does not take much time to prepare and surprise guests will entertain. The main thing that you have a home to always had a jar of red beans, a jar of mushrooms, 2 onions and 1 large carrot.

Onion cut into strips and fry in vegetable oil. While the onion is roasting grate the carrots. Remove onions to cool, fry the carrots. Then try to drain the excess oil. While all this is fried and cooled open the cans of beans and mushrooms (don’t forget to drain the cans). All this stir, dressed with mayonnaise. You can optionally add the garlic.

And, most importantly, very satisfying!


Substitute “Caesar”

Ingredients: cabbage (or whatever it’s called), well then that at McDonald’s in bread with cutlets put) a pound; boiled-smoked brisket (well or still something cooked and smoked) with a pound of(lean); cheese 200 grams; 3-4 bags of white crackers any (Group Ali essa)

Preparation: Very quick substitute classic Caesar salad, bacon, cheese, cut into small small cubes, mix with mayonnaise, sprinkle thickly crackers right in the plate (otherwise the breadcrumbs will get soggy). Quickly. Delicious.


Chinese Zakus

Dish of Chinese cuisine, is done for 3 to 5 minutes, has always very great success as on the festive table or on the other.

Drain off the juice from the jar and put the corn in the bowl.

In a skillet heated some soy or olive oil and quickly, in just a minute or two, stirring constantly, fry the pine seeds until fine, but not to black ) and from all of this pans together with boiling oil in corn. Quickly stir.

The dish is ready! The whole process from the moment you open the bottle until the first test takes 5 minutes.

Very good self-starter or a component of a complex garnish to any meat dish.


Salad for two

Ingredients: 2 chicken smoked ham; can of sweet corn; 3 cucumber; 3 tomatoes; greens of a celery and dill; olive oil – 2 tablespoons; soy sauce (to taste); fragrant black pepper

Preparation: Remove the skin from the drumsticks and cut the meat into cubes, chop the vegetables, mix with corn (no juice!) and chopped herbs, pour oil and sauce, add pepper.

Believe me, He (or She) will appreciate it!

Have a nice evening!


Ingredients: 150 gr. cheese; 200 gr. crab sticks; 3 eggs; hazelnuts, a little less than 100 grams.

Preparation: All a grater to divide into 2 parts. One part mix it with mayonnaise to stuff inside a hazelnut and roll into a ball in the second half the balls roll.

Holiday meals
    Let's start start with my favorite collection "100 canapés". There I have collected the most simple and beautiful sandwiches on skewers, which only could find. Salmon, herring, cheese,…

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Meat salad OLIVIER
  The ingredients are simple, the clever cook quail, grouse well you can do, separately cook krevetochki or cervical cancer, need to be pressed caviar, capers. but before really all…