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The most expensive dishes of the world


Foodies around the world have chosen dishes that can be called the most expensive dishes around the world.

Pelmeni is a Russian dish, but the most expensive dumplings in the restaurant’s menu for emigrants from Russia “Golden Gates”, which is located in the Bronx, new York.

The price per serving. which includes 8 dumplings, which in addition to pork, veal and salmon, the fish is iron-torch, making dumplings become blue-green light. costs 2400 dollars.

The macadamia nut. Is considered the most expensive nuts, because in addition to the useful properties of the macadamia nut makes a large number of crops (up to 40 tons per year), due to difficulties with its cultivation and production. The cost of 1 kg exceeds 30 dollars. So serves him the road and valuable.

Saffron. To that used to obtain 1 kilogram of the most expensive spices, you need to collect half a million stamens. So the price per kilo is worth up to 6000 dollars.

The white truffle. Each mushroom is sold at auction, so the exact prices are not. But this most expensive delicacy has been sold for over 30 thousand euros.

Dark chocolate. Chocopologie by Knipschildt is an exotic sweetness from America which is considered the most expensive chocolate in the world. This tile of dark chocolate weighing in at 453 grams. can be purchased for 2600 dollars.

Potatoes. Sort “La Bonnotte”, which grows on the island Normoyle, has an unusually delicate flavor. And its price per kilo approximately 500 euros.

Marbled beef. This is the meat of Wagyu – Japanese cows, who every day give of sake and beer, and feed them the best herbs. So the price for 200 grams of fillet will be about $ 100, and some pieces worth $ 1000.

Sandwich. The most expensive sandwich you can buy in the hotel “von Essen”, and the name of his “von Essen Platinum Club Sandwich”. Its price is 200 dollars. It is made from bread on a special leaven. quail eggs, white truffles. Iberian ham, Bressay fowl and Italian tomatoes.

The order and delivery of pizza Luis XIII. The cost of this dish from Italy reaches 8300 euros. In its composition of red crayfish, shrimp, lobster and Buffalo mozzarella cheese. and pink salt “Murray River”.

The omelet at Le Parker Meridien. This serves not only eggs, but whole lobsters. It is served on a bed of fried potatoes and decorated with a scattering of sevruga caviar.

Salad “Florette Sea&Earth” is served at “Le Manoir aux Quat Saisons”, Oxford hotel. It includes lobster, Cornish crab, young Florentine salad, lobster, olive oil, grated truffles, potatoes, asparagus, red pepper and 50 grams of white sturgeon caviar. 1 portion worth 800 euros.

Caviar “Almas” Beluga-albino. This delicacy from Iran, packaged in a gold jar costs two thousand dollars for one gram.

Kopi Luwak – most expensive coffee in the world. Its Indonesian name is translated as “coffee” (Cor). and “Luwak” is the name of a small predator that likes to eat ripe and the best beans, and grains he eats much more than it can digest. Those grains that pass through the intestines and acquire extraordinary Luwak aroma and taste. The price per kilogram of this coffee 300-400 dollars.

Tea Da Hong PAO. This tea is prepared from a sheet of 6 bushes, which 350 years. Crop per year only 500 grams. And the price of this legendary tea reached 685 thousand dollars.

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