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Holiday meals



Let’s start start with my favorite collection “100 canapés”. There I have collected the most simple and beautiful sandwiches on skewers, which only could find. Salmon, herring, cheese, prawns, ham, sausage and caviar.

And here are some of the rules of FORMline a cheese plate. It can be served also to a large feast, and a separate elite event, let’s call it “Home wine tasting”.

Suggest that you try to cook eggplant — a great cold appetizer.

To introduce the younger generation to the cooking of the family feast, show my daughter, which has already turned 11-12 years, here is the recipe for herring under a fur coat in the comics. Kill two birds with one stone — save time for other important things and teach the girl to cook the most popular Russian holiday salad .

The pork I cook myself. Cold meat appetizer is very easy to do, just take care of this need for the day before the feast. Here’s my simple and clear recipe baked ham in foil with  .

Gefilte fish (the dish is very festive  — the only complicated recipe in my collection. I recommend to watch my visual aid “How to fish to remove the skin entirely”. All other stages of making this cold fish snacks also in pictures.

Oh, I almost forgot. Almost every holiday I marinate the peppers. To be honest, I have none of these delicious tried… tastes Fantastic, friends!

Cooking chicken liver pate, herring forshmak see the article “Cocktail” .

Hot dishes

Them I have very little, will replenish soon.

How to cook prawns — sweet and fast (3 minutes literally). I’ve been going to this embodiment, incredibly simple and fantastically tasty… Strung on wooden skewers, fried on a pan.

Christmas classics — duck with apples and prunes. Another simple and win-win treat, beautiful recipe with .

Still… If anyone knows, I collect recipes for a romantic dinner. Here are my selections (salad-main course-dessert) for just such an occasion:

Chicken breast in honey sauce, salad with tomatoes and feta, strawberries with cream (25 minutes!). Go through the picture!

If you can cook a candlelight dinner in advance, take this selection (salad in the shape of a heart with chicken, roast pork tenderloin with apples, Apple strudel with ice cream

Sweet table

Here I have few suggestions too, I will fill the page as much as possible. Both recipe I publish under “Guest at the doorstep”, but they are not just easy to cook but also very delicious, so feel free to write these Apple masterpieces in the category of “Holiday meals”.


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