The Russians are preparing exotic dishes
Russians prepare exotic dishes. Exotic dishes always arouse unexpected emotions. Sometimes the appearance or the name of the dish scare you, and the taste - divine! Travel abroad, cooking at…

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Where to try snake, crocodile
Where to try snake, crocodile and other exotic dishes Probably, any tourist from travel to such exotic country, as Thailand is expecting something unusual and memorable. Thailand fall in love…

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About exotic dishes

About exotic dishes

The porcupine meat tender and tasty. It is like veal and pork at the same time, ambiguously reflected in the English name of the animal – PORCEPINE where porc – pig, RPE – pine.

Still rumor, that the meat of the shark is poisonous. However, sharks can be eaten, especially those 170 species that feed on plankton. Shark meat spoils very quickly, but because of his need to be soaked in lime juice and use to opohmeleniya or cook a soup from the fins. Hammerhead shark – an ornament to any dinner, and one of the most delicious brown shark.

They say that those who regularly enjoys kenguryatnik, less chance of developing diabetes or purchase thrombosis. Soft tender meat that looks like beef, has the original taste. Some argue that after kenguryatnik want to immediately jump up to the ceiling.

Very appreciated by gourmets rays. Common stingrays are delicious, some of them very reminiscent of shrimp; small torpedo –yummy; sandy slope, or the slope of the butterfly, good; spotted hvostokol – excellent, tastes like tuna; blunt-nosed Stingray closest in taste to the sea scallop; small sea devils – unusually tasty.

The leaves and stems of the Lotus taste like sorrel. Petioles are also poisonous, the most important thing is not to confuse. Jam Lotus very similar to an apricot, although apricot and tastier.

Skewers of ostrich. They say that ostrich meat more tender, the more the bird in life was running. Unsportsmanlike individuals taste reminiscent of hard and podatkowego beef. A characteristic feature of strautini is incomparable smoked flavor. Ostrich is especially good with pineapple sauce.

Rattlesnake – the dish is clearly not for everybody. This number of dice is not even fish in the river! Meat as such, there is a solid rib and bone. So if you are not a fan of jewellery shuffling food – do not mess.

Braised crocodile. It is better to eat young crocodiles. Older similar in taste to ooze smelling of fish. But in krokodilom steak, cut from the tail almost has no cholesterol. And then, think about how well that is you eat a crocodile, but he is not you.

The black eggs. Like many other Chinese dishes, the black eggs are considered the strongest aphrodisiac (a love stimulator). In fact, it is duck eggs, smeared with a mixture of ash and lime, soda, salt and water and aged in the ground from 20 to 100 days. Blue-black small you need to eat eggs without any condiments and garnishes. Just do not try to sniff!

Salad of jellyfish. Boiled jellyfish resembles a cross between seaweed and rice noodles funcity. The abundance of spices and sauce beats the true taste, which will remind you of the recent cold.

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