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Where to try snake, crocodile

Where to try snake, crocodile and other exotic dishes

Probably, any tourist from travel to such exotic country, as Thailand is expecting something unusual and memorable. Thailand fall in love at first sight with its nature, strikes an unusual culture and, of course, intrigued with the exotic local food. Don’t worry, despite all its exoticism, the hungry in this country no one will be left. Then there is the food and the Amateur American hamburgers and avid vegetarian, fan of Japanese cuisine, and, of course, a curious tourist who wants to try local exotic dishes.

For convenience, first visit to Thailand tourists, I have compiled a small list of unusual and exotic dishes.

This list is headed by a Crocodile.

Truly, a treat for gourmets. Crocodile meat tastes very similar to chicken, only more tender and softer. It is best to enjoy this dish in a restaurant in the crocodile farm. There certainly will be fresh meat, crocodile and accurately. In these restaurants serves steaks, stews, soups and even kebabs from the meat of a crocodile. The taste of crocodile meat in all the dishes are the same, it all depends on the method of preparation. Kebabs are more like chicken, and the meat in the stew, more like a fish.

In General, the taste of crocodile is very much like.

Pattaya crocodile can be enjoyed in the city. In the restaurant exotic cuisine Paradise (under the Swiss flag). in Addition to crocodile, in the restaurant you can try conguration, ostrich emanatio. Prepare your order right in front of you, on the stove or grill. Is steak from the exotic about 500 baht.

Jackie also has a cafe which is not far from the hotel Pattaya Park, on the left side of the street. There you can try crocodile, and shark steak. The price of steak shark was 250baht, crocodile 280baht.

Generally, if you walk through the main streets of Pattaya, it is easy to find restaurants specializing in exotic cuisine. Also, a dried crocodile, and acts as a kind of snack with beer.

Next on our list Snake.

Snake, it’s more like the dish is not Thai, and Chinese, because most likely it will not be found in urban restaurants, and a snake farm. As a rule, tourists are offered to taste the Cobra. This meat resembles the meat of an eel. Dining options at snake farm, visitors are offered a soup, stew, steak, and a cocktail of snakes. It is worth noting that the cocktail of snake – a dish for the brave tourists! The cocktail includes: snake blood, bile, whiskey, and… still-beating heart of a snake. This cocktail an enormous amount of miraculous medicinal properties, however, drink this can not everyone. The price of this cocktail around 1,000 baht, but the bonus to it from dead snakes will be cooked and the soup, and stews.

On the third place of our list is the Shark.

In Thailand it is not considered exotic. As for our tourists, this is clearly an exotic dish. In any seafood restaurant you will always offer at least a few dishes from the shark. Most popular shark fin soup – it is a grayish color, opaque, with specific, slightly viscous palate. According to legends it is believed that it gives man a special power.

Another popular dish is an exceptionally delicate taste, literally melting in your mouth steak sharks.

Be sure to try.

Fourth place goes to Turtle.

Probably about turtle soup many have heard, but tried not all. In Thailand you can try this exotics!

Thai fried frogs are not similar to the well known French “frog legs”, and in size they are far superior to the French counterparts. The taste of this dish resembles the chicken, then fish. Frogs can be found in cafes and restaurants, and the makashnits. This meal is quite decent and not repulsive appearance. To eat them you can safely, Dobrev pepper or your favorite sauce.

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