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Casserole of grated potatoes with minced meat

Casserole of grated potatoes with minced meat in multicookings

Potato casserole – it’s just some potatoes, an egg, a slice of cheese and all other ingredients to your taste and imagination. Potato casseroles with meat are, meat, chicken. Vegetarians and fasting will delight potato gratin with mushrooms, cabbage. Gratin potatoes are good that do not require complex products quick and easy to prepare, easy to feed the whole family. Today I’m making a casserole of grated potato with minced meat in multicookings . The idea of this dish I suggested to our reader Irina. The casserole was very tasty and filling, something like a big pancake with meat


the average potato — 4 pieces minced meat — 400 — 500 g onion — 1 piece cheese — 100 g eggs — 2 — 3 PCs salt and spices to taste

Recipe casserole grated potatoes with minced meat:

To cook the meat. Grind onions together with meat. Or just finely chop. Season the mince with salt and pepper. Mix thoroughly.

Potatoes wash, peel and along with the cheese to RUB on a large grater.

Mix grated potatoes, cheese and eggs. Season with salt and pepper. Mix.

Tip: to grated the potatoes are blackened, it is possible to add a couple of tablespoons of sour cream.

The bowl grease. Put half of the potatoes with cheese.

Top potatoes to distribute meat the stuffing.

The last layer — the remaining potatoes with cheese.

If desired, top can put the pieces of butter.

To cook potato casserole in multivarku Panasonic in the “baking” 60 minutes.

After the beep a bowl of pudding, remove it from the slow cooker and allow to cool for 7-10 minutes on the table. Cheese will seize and then it falls apart when you serve.

Remove the casserole should use the baskets for “cooking for a couple.”

Casserole of grated potatoes with minced meat in multivarka ready! Divide into portions and served to the table.

Bon appetit.



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