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A fun and tasty snack for children

A fun and tasty snack for children

Help your children avoid snacking biscuits and other sweets when they return home after school, arrange for them fun with delicious and healthy snacks. Through such snacking you are gaining only 100 calories, so these snacks you can make in your list.

1. “Mokni and perches”

Kids love fun, which it is necessary to mix or to dip snacks. Remember this fact, as you can use for cooking a favourite recipe and healthy food for the child. Store blanks for such snacks in the fridge, so you would always be able to use them, if suddenly children get back from school. If time is of the essence, then pick up something like yogurt or peanut butter. Check out these ideas in the game “mokni and perch”.

Apple slices + low-fat yogurt

Banana slices + peanut butter

Carrots + humus

Celery + cheese and Apple slices

Pita bread + avocado slices

2. The fun of popcorn

Be smart to prepare tasty snacks. Only 100 calories in six cups of 94% low-fat popcorn, that is popcorn. Best choice? Popcorn can be prepared in less than three minutes, so you can prepare it in advance and delight your children as needed. Prepare the popcorn with the children, so you will be able to determine what flavor and what kind of additives to the popcorn they liked better. Ideas for cooking popcorn:

Make popcorn in a hurry with no added sugar

Popcorn with zesty seasonings like “ranch” or “taste onion”

Try a salty and sweet snacks from popcorn with cinnamon

Prepare the popcorn with marshmallows and dried cranberries

Add the corn to the cookie crumbs before you put it to gear, it will make a special popcorn crunch

3. Keep this idea as a quick snack

We all know that when you do not have the time or want to eat, then under the hands get harmful snacks, especially snacks for kids. To avoid such situations provide your kitchen and car, healthy snacks. Always keep a package or bag with a variety of crackers, spreads and toppings that are well suited for children as healthy snacking on the go. Here are some examples of snacks:

Crackers + sliced Turkey + sliced cheese

Pieces of celery + peanut butter + raisins

Crackers + marshmallows + chocolate chips

If we let, the kids would eat their favorite food every day, but even they get tired of the same tastes. Cook their favorite snacks always with a slight twist, that is a novelty. Use seasonings. Pumpkin pie seasoning type spices of nutmeg, as well as use yogurt and fresh fruit. Show the children how to combine different flavors to get pleasure not only from food but also from condiments. This will help to refresh you favorite meals.

Vanilla yogurt + pumpkin pie + granola

Apple slices + cinnamon

Sliced banana + vanilla yogurt + cocoa powder

Cherry yogurt + nutmeg + cookies

Did you know that chips, candy and other snacks make up 27% of the daily caloric intake of children aged 2 to 18 years, according to the conclusions of scientists from the University of North Carolina at chapel hill.

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