Quick snacks
Quick snacks There are times when a treat is necessary to prepare very quickly: unexpected guests, parties for young people, which, as a rule, spontaneous, and just a regular Breakfast…

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Show off in the kitchen
  Approximate price: $4000 Nice to make coffee in the morning is not forbidden. Jewelry made of Swarovsky crystals 3100 is not the only advantage of the Nespresso Crystal. Coffee…

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Meat salad OLIVIER


The ingredients are simple, the clever cook quail, grouse well you can do, separately cook krevetochki or cervical cancer, need to be pressed caviar, capers. but before really all it was necessary to prepare our salad! Now, instead of grouse and quail – cooked sausage or meat, instead of crayfish – simple boiled carrots instead of capers – green peas – these are metamorphosis!

Preparing the salad is very simple . I think even novice cooks can handle him.


4 medium boiled potatoes

4 boiled eggs

2 medium boiled carrots


1 small onion – by request – no onions

All finely cut into cubes, a little bit podsalvage and dressed with mayonnaise – that says it all!

At the top of the  – examples of how you can decorate salad (different sources), but if you are a novice cook or prepare a salad for your beloved woman – she will appreciate your work, even if you decorate your creation only a sprig of parsley!

Now manual men – for men how to cut for salad

(while reading hohotali)

1. From boiled potatoes is much more convenient to first fabricate a box by circumcision parabolic curves from the edges. To cut it, and then rounded figures. By the way, one potato of medium size is usually obtained approximately 400 cubes as the potato is cut in three sections by four “layers”, then in eight longitudinal rows, and finally – to twelve transverse rows. 4 x 8 x 12 = 384 cubes. Plus the cubes from the sides. At the same time found that when the cutting knife is formed “abrasive” layer from the drying of starch, which greatly increases the friction of the knife on a potato. So a knife it is better to periodically wash or moisten with vegetable oil.

2. If boiled carrots start to cut as a potato (layers and longitudinal rows), next cutting transverse rows of it spreading from the side where was the tops. Immediately arose the idea of the automotive clip type clamp, but due to negitiate had to hold the “butt” of the pinky and ring finger, and middle edge – your thumb and forefinger. The combination of fingers you can imagine, if the right hand is to press on the keyboard “Ctrl”+ “Enter” and “J”+ “space”.

3. Pickles is better to cut it much smaller than all other products. Then their taste will be felt, and they are after mixing will not be visible. This is my know-how, if someone does not have time to stake a claim before.

4. To ensure that all the products were cut the same cubes, you can use the standard width of the cutting. I used canned pea. With it measured the width of the cut sausage and potatoes. The rest is by eye were compared with existing cubes.

The 50 most delicious dishes in the world by CNN
The 50 most delicious dishes in the world by CNN 1. Indonesian dish Rendang (Rendang). It is cooked in milk beef with the addition of lemongrass, turmeric, garlic, chilli and…

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Quick snack – a herring with onions
Herring with onions is undoubtedly quite simple, tasty and quick appetizer of herring . To prepare herring with onions from the salty herring, store-bought or saline in the home. Click…