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Beer snacks

Today one of the most popular alcoholic beverages among representatives of a strong half of mankind, and, on the contrary, among charming ladies can be called beer. Beer can be purchased at any bar, café, restaurant, grocery store and even a kiosk. Selling a variety of Beers will please even the most capricious lover of beer, because beer is sold in all flavors and colors.

But what is accepted to use a bit of sugar to the beer? Especially popular among young people are of all kinds of dry snacks: chips, snacks, crackers, salted nuts, cheese sticks, and all kinds of dried seafood: squid, Pollock, anchovies, gobies, taranka, roach, etc. will Not forget about these beer snacks like crab sticks, herring rolls stuffed with marinated shrimps, mussels and octopus.

All of the above snacks to beer is definitely the place to be, yet there is one thing… the Purchase of snacks to beer can and tasty, but not very safe for our health. That’s why a News portal “Vtemu” recommends not to abuse the purchase of snacks to beer, not to be lazy and try to make a living and nutritious food.

It’s about these healthy and delicious snacks for beer and will be discussed in this article.

If you can not cook or beer a party caught You by surprise, there is a great compromise solution is to order a delicious snack to beer in the nearest cafe, bar or pizzeria. Will be pleased with the variety terrapizza beer snacks, the delivery is then carried out on weekdays from 10. 00 am to 22.00 PM, and on Fridays and Saturdays until 01.00.

In the menu “pizza Terra” the most sophisticated and surprisingly tasty beer snacks: cheese balls, crispy chicken fillet, spiced nuts, crostini with herring, pork loin, bruschetta with pancetta, garlic bread and chicken wings.

Now, let’s learn to cook snacks to beer on its own, because no one will stop to be able to cook something delicious to the delight of his relatives and friends.

Shrimps for beer

Seafood, perhaps one of the most popular beer snacks can safely assume that shrimp. Most often shrimp to beer served under a piquant sauce with various spices, seasoned with fragrant garlic, baked, fried in a pan or just boil them.

The recipe shrimp to beer:

Chicken wings with beer

Chicken wings flavored with a crispy delicious crust will not leave anyone indifferent beer gourmet. To prepare this dish is very easy and simple. Main secret of cooking chicken wings to beer is the marinade, which will be filled with a variety of spices and seasonings that will add delicious taste and aroma to the dish.

Recipe for chicken wings with beer:

Pork ribs with beer

This beer snack is perfect for men who like to drink for a long time and a lot of beer. To cook this dish is even easier than the previous one. Pork ribs should just fry in a frying pan, then season with delicious sauce and spices.

Recipe baby back ribs with beer:

Balls to beer

For the ladies who prefer a lighter snack with beer can be a great choice potato or cheese balls. The finished balls can roll in melkorublenoy greens, nuts and spices.


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