Quick salads Suddenly came to visit? Not scared, because we have left a lot of "fast salads", that is always at hand. But quick does not mean anyhow. Here's quick…

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Everyday salads
Everyday simple salads recipes Prepare your family for a simple festive salad that will be appropriate even for a casual dinner! The recipes are simple everyday salads for every day…

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Tasty seven-day diet for weight loss

Tasty seven-day diet for weight loss: menus and recipes

Delicious diet is not about whether the dream of every woman who wants quickly and without efforts will reset a few extra pounds. Offer you a seven day diet is a failure precisely designed menu with recipes for some dishes. We hope that this seven-day diet for weight loss will help you to not only get rid of unnecessary ballast, but also from the doldrums. Recipes and delicious diet will allow you to diversify your diet with new foods.

Tasty diet for 7 days: diet menus for a week

Tasty diet 7 days involves the use of the most conventional products that do not have low calorie content. For ease of use diet 7 day menu offers the most diverse and familiar enough for the average person. All the diet menus for the week divided by individual days and each dish is listed with its approximate calorie value.

This diet shows how to eat within the diet, it is based on tasty and simple meals. Diet the Gourmet lives up to its name: it is suitable for those who want to become slimmer and loves to cook, and can’t refuse delicious dishes.

Tasty diet for quick weight loss in a week

Delicious diet for quick the loss includes not only recommendations, but also recipes for various dishes. Many women that use a tasty diet for a week, try to implement its principles in daily diet.

On this diet you can lose 10 % from the initial body mass in a month. All recipes given here are not the axiom. You can change them to your liking within reasonable proportions, leaving the Foundation courses.

Juices can be prepared from any available berries, fruits and vegetables, trying to avoid monotony.

The portions of beef or any other protein meals can be increased to 150 g Portions of vegetables also can be increased by 50 grams, it will not significantly increase daily caloric.

Menu and recipe diet for a week

Diet menu for a week recipes proposes to use those in the layout in which minimum quantities are present salt, sugar and vegetable fats. Used the prescription diet for a week may be expanded to include your favorite dishes, but in very limited quantities.

The recipes do not specify salt, it can be added to the finished dish to taste and cook better without salt. Total salt intake should not exceed 5-6 grams a day.

Any dish, even if not stated in the recipe, and you can sprinkle finely chopped greens — beautiful, tasty and most importantly — useful. Herbs to add at the end of cooking, preferably in the finished dish when serving.


A fun and tasty snack for children
A fun and tasty snack for children Help your children avoid snacking biscuits and other sweets when they return home after school, arrange for them fun with delicious and healthy…

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Where to try snake, crocodile
Where to try snake, crocodile and other exotic dishes Probably, any tourist from travel to such exotic country, as Thailand is expecting something unusual and memorable. Thailand fall in love…