Exotic kitchen Asian
  Vietnam, Thailand and Hong Kong – three Asian countries with diverse, unusual and spicy, local cuisine. Coming to these countries for holidays will certainly want to try a radical…

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The most expensive in the world products
The most expensive in the world products Everyone has their dream in life: to travel around many countries of the world and see the sights. But there are people who…

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Simple salads for every day

I hasten to share with You another interesting recipe from the ” simple salads every day “. Walking on the Internet at cooking am I saw this new salad and decided to cook it. Salad with sweet peppers is exactly like those who don’t like mayonnaise, but used for filling olive or vegetable oil. Well then, that herring is combined with beets, I think You do not have to tell. No wonder almost any celebration herring under a fur coat occupies the place of the festive table. But the flavor of roasted peppers is how You feel about him?

I’ve never tried a salad with sweet peppers. which is pre-baked in the oven. And so decided to try.

So, in order to prepare this simple salad with herring, we need:

sweet pepper – 2 PCs.

herring salted-1 piece

lemon – 1 piece



vegetable oil -4 tbsp

green onions for decoration

To start the chilli oil it with vegetable oil and put in oven or microwave. it is Better to bake under the grill. But if it’s not, you can just as usual.

To get the peppers and put them in a plastic bag. Firmly establish. Peppers should ripen in the bag until cool.


The cooled pepper remove from package, peel, leaves, and cut into small slices.

Herring clear from the skin and bones. In principle, especially not to strain , you can use a fillet of herring. But I for natures. the product, so I prefer fish to butcher itself.

Prepared herring fillet mode small chunks.

Now came the turn to do the dressing for our salad. To do this in a bowl squeeze the juice of half a lemon. Add sugar ( to taste). vegetable oil. Mix well.

Our top pour cooked dressing .

And let these simple salads for every day delight us with their taste and variety.



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Quick snacks
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