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Meat bad for you?

Meat bad for you? Let’s see!

From time immemorial one of the primary elements in the menu were meat dishes. Now, however, in the fashion of vegetarianism, promoted replacement of meat with soy products and widely disseminated assertion that eating meat is harmful to human health.

Let’s expose the most common myths about the dangers of meat.

Myth 1. The regular use of meat as food shortens human life.

This allegation is not proved and not confirmed. Indeed, the majority of long-livers all my life eaten meat and very few are vegetarians. A lot depends on the lifestyle that leads man and his habitat.

Myth 2. White poultry meat is less harmful than dark.

Indeed, white chicken meat is low in fat, but dark meat chicken legs more iron is essential to man. Thus, it all depends on what is considered harmful and helpful.

Myth 3. Meat broths – the cause of atherosclerosis.

Also does not the above proposition. For example, some Nations from time immemorial meat broths is a major part of their menu and it in no way affects their health or lifespan. U.S. residents, for example, almost do not eat soups in meat broth, with an emphasis on fast food, but atherosclerosis is one of the most common disease. And the Europeans eat meat broths more often, but the incidence is much lower.

4. The meat itself is not harmful, it is harmful as animal fat.

Supporters of this opinion suggest completely excluded from the diet animal fats as a source of cholesterol. This idea became established thanks to the efforts of manufacturers of margarine and vegetable oils. On the contrary, scientists recommend to consume daily in small quantities, foods that contain butter, because it contained cholesterol in small amounts are necessary for normal functioning of cells.

5. Meat cannot be combined with products containing large amounts of carbohydrates.

This statement is also untrue. Traditional garnish for meat dishes: pasta and potatoes-foods that contain large amounts of carbohydrates. This combination is traditional for most cuisines and is rather useful than harmful, because the meat itself doesn’t contain carbohydrates. Meat and macaroni in the oven – simple and delicious combination, and is absolutely harmless for the figure, especially if we accept the theory that pasta from durum wheat do not lead to excess weight. If a person has problems with metabolism, he should be put under strict control the intake of foods containing carbohydrates.

About the benefits of meat is evidenced by many facts. First, meat contains excess iron, which is absorbed by the body much better than from vegetables. Secondly, meat contains lots of zinc, which plays an important role in the secretion of sex hormones and maintains the balance of amino acids. Third, it is scientifically proven that meat lowers the level of cholesterol in the blood and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. And finally, the meat is just delicious! No festive table can not be imagined without meat dishes and tasty salads based on meat ingredients. For example, the sunflower salad recipe which includes a chicken breast – a real decoration of the festive table!

So, by eating meat and any other products that need moderation. The dangers of meat may lie in its eating. If you eat varied, combining meat, fish, vegetable dishes, etc. about the dangers of thinking of products don’t have.

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