The most exotic fruits
The most exotic fruits. Most exotic fruits are true wonders of nature, about which perhaps you have never heard of. In this article you will not only learn about these…

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The most expensive in the world products
The most expensive in the world products Everyone has their dream in life: to travel around many countries of the world and see the sights. But there are people who…

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Exotic dishes on our table

Russian cuisine is famous for such dishes as roast meat, dumplings and pies. These dishes are incomparably delicious, however, we sometimes want to eat and exotics. This is particularly evident when the money to pay is almost over. And what to do in such case? Alternatively, you can learn how to cook exotic dishes yourself. With the variety of recipes overseas cuisine can be found both on the Internet and by reading cookbooks. Also, a great solution is to get a small loan till payday to buy everything required and enjoy tasting exotic foods and treats. Look at some dishes that can be prepared.

Exotic Japanese dishes

Japanese cuisine has recently become increasingly popular. Most people go to sushi bars, restaurants and order sushi, sashimi and surprisingly tasty noodles without thinking about whether there is enough money until the next paycheck. That’s how great the temptation. And even it is not able to stop the true gourmets of Japanese cuisine. Loan fast cash will allow you to purchase at the supermarket all the necessary products and enjoy the delights of Japanese cuisine at home.

Chicken Yakitori

Very easy to prepare dish. First, you need to buy in the supermarket chilled chicken breast, sesame and Japanese sauce for pickling “Yakitori”. For the garnish should buy lettuce, rice, and pickled ginger. To buy products don’t need a fast cash loan to take – they are relatively cheap.

Diced cut chicken breast and pour sauce. Breast needs about an hour to stand up, after which it can be strung on skewers. Then, the resulting kebabs are fried in oil for 7 minutes and sprinkle with roasted sesame seeds.

Sushi with salmon and cheese “Philadelphia”

To prepare this exotic dish you will need salmon, cheese “Philadelphia”, wasabi, ginger, special rice, soy sauce, rice vinegar, sheets of nori seaweed, and avocado or cucumber. For sushi, it is desirable to buy a special Mat. Fast loan will allow you not only to purchase the necessary ingredients for sushi, you can indulge in octopus, mussels and expensive cheeses.

So, the rice is washed and cooked in water in a ratio of 1:2. Then in cooked rice add a little sugar, salt and vinegar and mix. Along with rice you prepare the stuffing: vegetables and red fish cut into strips.

On a sheet of nori, spread the rice, leaving one edge free. Outside the rice smeared with wasabi, and spread the filling inside. The nori sheet is rolled and cut into rolls. The dish is ready. You and your family happy, and thanks to the payday loans , it is possible to cook and eat and other Oriental delicacies.

The worst dish in the world
The worst dish in the world: all kinds of exotic on the plate (shocking video) Like the exotic and experiments? Then you definitely need to try all the dishes from…

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The most delicious salads
Salads recipes Following the well-known French proverb, that a woman from nothing can make a delicious salad, a scandal and a hat – then we'll talk about the first paragraph,…