Tasty beer snacks
  As is known, traditional beer snacks — it's all kinds of seafood, fish, sausages, chips, salty nuts, crackers or a variety of cheese. Many of them can be easily…

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The 50 most delicious dishes in the world by CNN
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10 super salads for a quick hand

10 super salads for a quick hand

Very often it happens that, come home, the phone rings, and you know that just thirty minutes you will glance at the evening the light of your favorite friends. It is clear that people after work and are hungry to show itself as a great hostess and hospitable lady need a quick something to cook. But what? Of course, the salads, because you can prepare them quickly and easily, and love them almost all.

Winter Salad

salt to taste

Instructions: Cut ham into cubes, chop the eggs, dill, parsley, all mix, add the beans, season with mayonnaise. Decorate the salad with sprigs of dill and parsley.

300 g chicken meat

200 g strong cheese

1 bunch salad lisovogo

3 eggs

100 g green salad

1 pack of crab sticks

3 tbsp canned sweet corn

1 stalk of leeks

1/2 jars of mayonnaise

Instructions: Chicken and cheese cut into strips, eggs and crab sticks chop. Leeks cut into rings. Mix these components with corn and green peas, salt and season with mayonnaise. The vystelit bottom of the salad bowl lettuce and top with the finished dish.

Salad “Mushroom”

200 g salted or pickled mushrooms

30 g onion or green onion

20 cubes of white bread


Instructions: finely chop Mushrooms and combine with finely chopped onion. Dress with oil. Cut into 20 small cubes of white bread and fry in vegetable oil so that they remain soft. Add fried bread to the salad. You can offer to the salad parsley.

Salad “Giselle”

200 g boiled potatoes

Manual: Potatoes, cut into cubes, eggs finely chop. Greens cut with scissors. Each radish cut in half and halves cut into slices. Prepared vegetables mix and season with salt and season with mayonnaise.


200 g sour cream


Instructions: hard boil Eggs, cut in half. Each half of the bottom cut a little protein, in order to give stability to the eggs. Place on a flat dish salad leaves of about the same size so that their edges slightly overhung with meals. Lay the halves of eggs, leaving the middle empty space. In the center of the plate lay out sliced large diced cucumbers, slices of radish. Pour the sauce, for preparation of which mix the sour cream and mayonnaise, season to taste with salt. Finely chop green onions (RUB a wooden pestle) and connect with the sour cream-mayonnaise mixture.

Cabbage salad with shpikachki

Male cabbage 1/2 medium size

300 g boiled shpikachek

Instructions: rinse the Cabbage with cold water, finely chop, put in a bowl and mash with salt and sugar. Shpikachki slice into thin strips, mix with cabbage and pepper. Nuts lightly fry in a pan without oil, finely chop, add to salad. Salad season with mayonnaise, put in salad bowl, garnish with parsley leaves.

Salad “Bean”

Instructions: Boil the pods and slice them. Boil sausages and cut into cubes. On a fine grater grate the cheese, onion, half the tomatoes, leave for decoration, the rest chop. All the vegetables stir and season with mayonnaise, sprinkle with herbs.

Salad Corn

2-3 cucumber (salted)

1 Cup rice

4 eggs

packaging crab sticks

Instruction: Boil a glass of rice. Cooked rice, rinse and place in salad bowl. Finely chop crab sticks, cucumbers, hard-boiled eggs. Now add the corn and onion, finely chopped and aparntly boiling water. The salad season to taste with salt and season with mayonnaise. The finished dish garnish with sprigs of dill.