Everyday salads
Everyday simple salads recipes Prepare your family for a simple festive salad that will be appropriate even for a casual dinner! The recipes are simple everyday salads for every day…

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Exotic kitchen Asian
  Vietnam, Thailand and Hong Kong – three Asian countries with diverse, unusual and spicy, local cuisine. Coming to these countries for holidays will certainly want to try a radical…

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The Russians are preparing exotic dishes

Russians prepare exotic dishes.

Exotic dishes always arouse unexpected emotions. Sometimes the appearance or the name of the dish scare you, and the taste – divine!

Travel abroad, cooking at home recipes revealing the secrets of cooking exotic dishes, exotic products that can now be bought in supermarkets – all this gives “green light” to the palate. Therefore, dishes with “crispy” names are becoming familiar for the Russians and loved ones. During the holidays is increasingly on the table appears Japanese sushi or Mexican burritos. Bulgarian soup “Tarator” or Arabic paste “Hummus” are already preparing on weekdays. Most gourmet adheres to strict rules in cooking exotics.

Every detail is important . Love to experiment with dishes. Then you need to always listen, how to respond to this your body. Can many years not eating meat and fish, if fond of Indian food. It has a lot of vegetarian dishes and a great variety of spices. Each dish has a different composition of the oil mixture and taste seasonings. You can sculpt dumplings without meat. You only need to have the necessary spices. But in small towns it is difficult.

If it is important that the food was light but satisfying, most likely you will approach the sushi. This food – salvation for stomach and brain. We suggest that you stick to a clear formulation of the overseas cooking any meals. Because in this case every detail is important. – You don’t need to adapt, to replace our meals. – One extra minute on the fire can be “deadly” for such dishes. The charm of each country – not only historical “rarities”, but also national cuisine. For example, the monkey brain for the Vietnamese is a common occurrence. The Thais eat crickets, cockroaches and larvae. But, believe me, over time, the passion for culinary experimentation takes place. Appear nostalgia for the familiar and the familiar food.

If you like Italian food. You will taste the risotto. It can be vegetable, beef, mushroom, seafood, cheese, fruit. There are a few secrets. So, the rice for risotto should not crumble. It should be prepared so that it was creamy. Dry rice must be fried in butter with butter, then pour the broth and throw away the meat or mushrooms or vegetables. In the end, add a glass of dry white wine and stir until alcohol evaporates. Love the simplicity? Many exotic dishes healthy and easy to prepare. For example, can amuse themselves Arab pasta – hummus. She spread it on bread, pita bread or chips. – This dish is very popular in America. It does not need anything supernatural – cook pea puree, whisk it in the blender with walnuts, add lemon juice, olive oil, garlic. Can also add sesame paste, if you can find one on sale.

Simple salads for every day
I hasten to share with You another interesting recipe from the " simple salads every day ". Walking on the Internet at cooking am I saw this new salad and…

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The most expensive dishes of the world
  Foodies around the world have chosen dishes that can be called the most expensive dishes around the world. Pelmeni is a Russian dish, but the most expensive dumplings in…