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Exotic kitchen Asian


Vietnam, Thailand and Hong Kong – three Asian countries with diverse, unusual and spicy, local cuisine. Coming to these countries for holidays will certainly want to try a radical exotic fried insects, mollusks, shark meat or snakes.

By the way. The most exotic dessert popular in Asia and is considered a common fruit durian. It has a strong odor, but a nice creamy nutty flavor.

Of course Asian cuisine is not always captivates from the first plate. Many people need a few days to get used to the spicy flavors, spicy flavors of the spices. So it was nice to get acquainted with Vietnamese, Thai and Cantonese delicacies, it is recommended to start with simpler dishes, and then move on to exotics.

The Cuisine Of Vietnam

The first culinary trip to Vietnam where the food is a philosophy. Vietnamese believe that healthy and wholesome food charges the person with positive energy and prolongs life. With special passion of local chefs are not only cooking, but also for the palette. They believe that in a successful dish must be products of different colors.

From France to Vietnam came the love of coffee with pastries. However in Vietnam the coffee is slightly modified, added condensed milk and ice. In Vietnam delicious pancakes – nemy of rice paper with various fillings of meat . fish or vegetables. You can enjoy the soup of Pho noodles and fried chicken legs.

If you are already accustomed to Vietnamese tastes, you can start a gastronomic experiments and to try the exotic. For example, shark fin soup, a beating heart of a snake in rice wine or baked in the shell Armadillo meat. Moreover, the ceremony of cooking exotic dishes pass before your eyes. It is a tradition in the Vietnamese restaurants.

The Cuisine Of Thailand

In the national cuisine of Thailand this is not exotic, as in Vietnam, but Thai food is a solid “fire”. The impression that Thais can’t live a day without chili peppers. In Thai cuisine fresh rice replaces bread, this product and will escape from the seasonings and spicy sauces with curry.

Not a very spicy dish can be found in the menu at any restaurant. For example fried rice Khao PHAD with fish, chicken meat. crabs and shrimp or noodles PHAD Thai. Shall be offended because to try is “hot”,then order the soups Tom yum and Tom Kha or spicy salad som Tam papaya with crabs.

Kitchen Hong Kong

Now go on a culinary journey in Hong Kong. It is interesting that Hong Kong residents almost don’t cook at home. In Hong Kong lots of cheap and luxurious venues. Recently popular cooking in fusion style is an unusual combination of ingredients and flavors. Hong Kong chef can be served simple dishes without frills, such as pasta, rice, cheese made from the milk of Yak or soup – “a drop” in the shell of rice flour. But there are also traditional Cantonese cuisine.

Suggest that you taste this pork cha Bao, porridge tintsy the rice with the pork, dim sum is a dumpling. steamed with lots of different toppings .

If you enjoyed traditional cuisine, you can try the exotic. Dishes like Yuxiang Josy the meat with the flavor of the fish . soup from swallow’s nests and bear fried palms. Even more exotic dish, “battle of the dragon with tiger” of meat from snakes and wild cats.


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