Recipes of exotic dishes
Recipes of exotic dishes from the ordinary ingredients Good day! Our delicious positive week I would like to share with you some of my favorite recipes of exotic cuisine in…

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Meat salad OLIVIER
  The ingredients are simple, the clever cook quail, grouse well you can do, separately cook krevetochki or cervical cancer, need to be pressed caviar, capers. but before really all…

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The most expensive dishes

The most expensive dishes

The world’s most expensive nut – macadamia. Once it was the staple food of Australian aborigines. Due to the complexity of breeding and harvesting the delicacy of his produce not more than 40 tons per year. The cost of one kilogram of macadamia exceeds $30 American dollars.

The most expensive beef in the world is Japanese marbled beef. 200 grams of fillet in Europe worth more than $100 U.S. dollars. Some especially tender pieces sell for a thousand.

The most expensive spice in the world – saffron. It is the stigmas of saffron seed (Crocus sativus) of the family of pevnikova (Iridaceae). To obtain 0.5 kg of spices need 225000 stamens. One kilogram of saffron costs about 6 thousand dollars.

The most expensive mushroom in the world – the white truffle. There is no exact price, because each mushroom is sold at auction. In 2007, three Hong Kong tycoons of raskladki purchased 750 grams of mushroom for 209 thousand dollars.

The most expensive caviar in the world – “Almas” Beluga caviar albino exported from Iran. 100 grams of caviar, Packed in a tin of pure gold, will cost about 2 thousand American dollars.

The most expensive chocolate in the world]. Chocopologie by Knipschildt is made in the USA. Pound (453 grams) of chocolate is 2600 U.S. dollars.

The most expensive dessert in the world is served in new York restaurant “Serendipity 3”. Ice cream, decorated with edible gold, served in a glass decorated with gold border set with diamonds, with a Golden spoon, also with diamonds. Costs 25 thousand dollars. Empty dishes the client can take home with them.

The most expensive omelet in the world, worth $1000 American dollars, you can eat at a restaurant in new York city hotel English. Le Parker Meridien . Besides eggs, scrambled eggs are whole lobsters and caviar sevruga.

The most expensive pizza in the world is Louis XIII offers young Italian chef Renato viola. It costs 8300 euros. Includes: Buffalo mozzarella, three types of caviar, red lobster, prawns and lobster.

The most expensive potato La Bonnotte. It is believed that it brought personally by the Supreme Inca God Inti. The potato is so delicate that it can be collected only manually. Costs about 500 euros per kilo.

The most expensive coffee in the world – “Kopi Luwak”. Produced in East Java, near the Indonesian city of Surabaya. This coffee is doing with palm civati, a small arboreal animal, similar to a reconciliation. The production is a very unusual way: civetti eat the fruit of the coffee tree, which pass through the gastro-intestinal tract of the animal and go along with feces undigested. Then the prepared fruit is washed, dried and lightly Pedialyte. It is believed that the resulting coffee omae delicate flavor and enzymes in the stomach, civetti, especially give the coffee a smooth taste. Retail price for a pound of this coffee ranges from $ 100 to $ 600. Every year the market gets only about 1000 pounds. In “Heritage Tea Rooms”, a small cafe near the Australian city of Townsville, this kind of coffee is served for $ 50 Australian dollars per Cup, which is about $ 33 USD.