The most expensive dishes of the world
  Foodies around the world have chosen dishes that can be called the most expensive dishes around the world. Pelmeni is a Russian dish, but the most expensive dumplings in…

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Tasty beer snacks
  As is known, traditional beer snacks — it's all kinds of seafood, fish, sausages, chips, salty nuts, crackers or a variety of cheese. Many of them can be easily…

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Where to try snake, crocodile

Where to try snake, crocodile and other exotic dishes

Probably, any tourist from travel to such exotic country, as Thailand is expecting something unusual and memorable. Thailand fall in love at first sight with its nature, strikes an unusual culture and, of course, intrigued with the exotic local food. Don’t worry, despite all its exoticism, the hungry in this country no one will be left. Then there is the food and the Amateur American hamburgers and avid vegetarian, fan of Japanese cuisine, and, of course, a curious tourist who wants to try local exotic dishes.

For convenience, first visit to Thailand tourists, I have compiled a small list of unusual and exotic dishes.

This list is headed by a Crocodile.

Truly, a treat for gourmets. Crocodile meat tastes very similar to chicken, only more tender and softer. It is best to enjoy this dish in a restaurant in the crocodile farm. There certainly will be fresh meat, crocodile and accurately. In these restaurants serves steaks, stews, soups and even kebabs from the meat of a crocodile. The taste of crocodile meat in all the dishes are the same, it all depends on the method of preparation. Kebabs are more like chicken, and the meat in the stew, more like a fish.

In General, the taste of crocodile is very much like.

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Beer snacks

Today one of the most popular alcoholic beverages among representatives of a strong half of mankind, and, on the contrary, among charming ladies can be called beer. Beer can be purchased at any bar, café, restaurant, grocery store and even a kiosk. Selling a variety of Beers will please even the most capricious lover of beer, because beer is sold in all flavors and colors.

But what is accepted to use a bit of sugar to the beer? Especially popular among young people are of all kinds of dry snacks: chips, snacks, crackers, salted nuts, cheese sticks, and all kinds of dried seafood: squid, Pollock, anchovies, gobies, taranka, roach, etc. will Not forget about these beer snacks like crab sticks, herring rolls stuffed with marinated shrimps, mussels and octopus.

All of the above snacks to beer is definitely the place to be, yet there is one thing… the Purchase of snacks to beer can and tasty, but not very safe for our health. That’s why a News portal “Vtemu” recommends not to abuse the purchase of snacks to beer, not to be lazy and try to make a living and nutritious food.

It’s about these healthy and delicious snacks for beer and will be discussed in this article.

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The most delicious Italian dishes

The most delicious Italian dishes

Italy gave the world many incredibly delicious and diverse dishes. Millions of people start their day with a Cup of espresso coffee, prepare a lunch of spaghetti, order pizza… For the Italians, food is a celebration of life, not the art of the chef. During the meal they can drive watch, enjoying every dish.

1. Bruschetta (Italian. bruschetta) – traditional Central Italian vernacular dish, in our time — appetizer-antipasto before the main course to “raise the appetite”.

A distinctive feature of bruschetta from a sandwich or toast in the slices of bread pre-dried with before roasting (grill, griddle or in a pan without oil). Ideal for bruschetta perfect ciabatta.2. Parmigiana chicken — baked chicken breast in tomato sauce with Parmesan cheese. The dish is popular in Campania and in Sicily.

3. Panini — Italian sandwich or a closed sandwich. Is made from white wheat bread, preferably a baguette, it is served hot. Classic toppings — mozzarella, ham, tomatoes and pesto sauce.

4. Panna cotta (Italian. Panna cotta — “Cooked cream”) is a North Italian dessert made of cream, sugar and vanilla.

5. Tramezzino is a triangular sandwich or sandwich. A popular filling is tuna, olives and prosciutto.

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Exotic kitchen Asian
  Vietnam, Thailand and Hong Kong – three Asian countries with diverse, unusual and spicy, local cuisine. Coming to these countries for holidays will certainly want to try a radical…

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Simple snacks recipes
Pictures on request simple snacks recipes The recipe can be simple or complex, but satisfying snack. Today the concept of snacks is much wider, and their recipes were filled with…