The 50 most delicious dishes in the world by CNN
The 50 most delicious dishes in the world by CNN 1. Indonesian dish Rendang (Rendang). It is cooked in milk beef with the addition of lemongrass, turmeric, garlic, chilli and…

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Recipes of exotic dishes
Recipes of exotic dishes from the ordinary ingredients Good day! Our delicious positive week I would like to share with you some of my favorite recipes of exotic cuisine in…

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Simple salads for every day

I hasten to share with You another interesting recipe from the ” simple salads every day “. Walking on the Internet at cooking am I saw this new salad and decided to cook it. Salad with sweet peppers is exactly like those who don’t like mayonnaise, but used for filling olive or vegetable oil. Well then, that herring is combined with beets, I think You do not have to tell. No wonder almost any celebration herring under a fur coat occupies the place of the festive table. But the flavor of roasted peppers is how You feel about him?

I’ve never tried a salad with sweet peppers. which is pre-baked in the oven. And so decided to try.

So, in order to prepare this simple salad with herring, we need:

sweet pepper – 2 PCs.

herring salted-1 piece

lemon – 1 piece



vegetable oil -4 tbsp

green onions for decoration

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Simple snacks recipes

Pictures on request simple snacks recipes

The recipe can be simple or complex, but satisfying snack. Today the concept of snacks is much wider, and their recipes were filled with an incredible variety. Why on the table there must be snacks. Earlier in the role of easy and quick snacks were exclusively cold food, which did not require special training. Annum translates as, dressing the dish to the upcoming, it annem Koreans add to their famous salads and soups. A mandatory attribute of any feast. In this section of our culinary journal to your attention presents quick and easy recipes of appetizers, which will take a worthy place on your Desk and the cookbook. Our  will definitely help you to do it, telling them how to cook certain dishes. Cooking with us will be an enjoyable and fascinating pastime, and new easy recipes will allow you to diversify your desktop. So, herbs or foods, fruit, but served cold, feeding a starter, initially limited to raw sliced vegetables that have been processed. This tradition appeared in France early in the last century. With us you will always find the most interesting recipes of dishes with detailed description and colorful . Not the main food and guests are to eat. The main purpose of simple and interesting snacks is to arouse the appetite, not satisfy it. When preparing simple snacks should be Continue reading

Exotic kitchen Asian


Vietnam, Thailand and Hong Kong – three Asian countries with diverse, unusual and spicy, local cuisine. Coming to these countries for holidays will certainly want to try a radical exotic fried insects, mollusks, shark meat or snakes.

By the way. The most exotic dessert popular in Asia and is considered a common fruit durian. It has a strong odor, but a nice creamy nutty flavor.

Of course Asian cuisine is not always captivates from the first plate. Many people need a few days to get used to the spicy flavors, spicy flavors of the spices. So it was nice to get acquainted with Vietnamese, Thai and Cantonese delicacies, it is recommended to start with simpler dishes, and then move on to exotics.

The Cuisine Of Vietnam

The first culinary trip to Vietnam where the food is a philosophy. Vietnamese believe that healthy and wholesome food charges the person with positive energy and prolongs life. With special passion of local chefs are not only cooking, but also for the palette. They believe that in a successful dish must be products of different colors.

From France to Vietnam came the love of coffee with pastries. However in Vietnam the coffee is slightly modified, added condensed milk and ice. In Vietnam Continue reading

The most expensive sausage in the world
The most expensive sausage in the world Sausage Russian origin appeared, at least, during the "Patriarchal despotism", where you can find the first historical mention. Before, in Kievan Rus, the…

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About exotic dishes
About exotic dishes The porcupine meat tender and tasty. It is like veal and pork at the same time, ambiguously reflected in the English name of the animal – PORCEPINE…