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E very Thursday at Georges P. Vanier Junior High School, a dozen adolescent boys assemble in an unused classroom. They gather around a large table, doing their best to ignore the girl power posters and sparkles that cover the walls.

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Sentimental TV is having a moment, which is great for someone like me who's more interested in whether JLo's involved than who directed it, and no one's capitalized on this better than Netflix. And now they're giving us one of the best scripted shows on television: Sex Educationa show that details the trials and tribulations of awkward, would-be-loner Otis Milburn who, along with the help of his only friend Eric Effiong and actual loner Maeve Wiley, starts an underground sex therapy ring at his high school. The premise is certainly unusual, but what makes the show brilliant, what elevates it beyond normal sappy fare or over-tread teenage cable drama is that the characters—and male characters specifically—talk about sex in healthy, nuanced ways.

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At Answer we are constantly asked for specific tips and techniques for teaching about sexuality in ways that resonate with male learners, which is why we created our latest online workshop, Boys and Sex Ed: Beyond Statistics and Stereotypes. According to Dr. Second, if you create ground rules, discuss with the boys how you will enforce those ground rules.

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Sex is a mental and physical pursuit that sometimes feels like it should come with an instruction guide. As with anything else, what one man likes could be quite different from what another likes. It can be a challenge to find the right ingredients to a connected and orgasmic sex life.

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Verified by Psychology Today. Protecting Children from Sexual Abuse. As someone who studies sexual violence prevention, this was music to my ears.

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The locker room may be where boys talk, but the information there has its shortcomings, according to a new comic book being developed to help bring relationship realities to sex education. Illustration: Courtesy Colin Adamo. Remember sitting in an awkward high school sex education class, just wishing the teacher would stop talking?

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Originally published on Mic and cross-posted here with their permission. Exactly how to do this is up for debate, but several male advocates are actively searching for the answer. This does little to pull young people into an engaging educational environment where they can attain information to put to use in their day-to-day lives.

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Part of the problem is that men have a tendency to treat a casual hook up like a human Fleshlight. Remember what I said about the plumbing diagrams? The penis, on the other hand, has been studied and celebrated pretty much as soon as humans figured out abstract reasoning and symbolic representation.

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If you're not convinced that sex ed in America needs a major overhaul, then just consider these stats: Inoverbabies were born to girl between 15 and 19 years of age. Every seconds, an American is sexually assaulted. One in five women will be raped in her lifetime only 16 percent of those rapes will be reported to the police.

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I could sense his relief that he had said something. My high school curriculum was no better. They made us carry around a flour sack for a week as if it were a baby.


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