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Shockney Therapy The heart and soul of the Johns Hopkins Breast Center, Lillie Shockney is a tough, funny woman who knows too well what her patients face. She is middle-aged, dressed in a faded blue hospital gown, and tears stream down her cheeks. Her surgeon has just told her that despite radiation treatments, her breast cancer has returned.

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My tumor was 1. The manufacturer lists hair loss as a side effect when used with a taxane, which causes hair loss I know that most

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You just replied to my question about the itchy nipple with a very concerning response. I had a peripheral intraductal papilloma removed in And if they do is that normal?

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My oncologist is going to re test in Feb but I The report indicates DCIS that is low grade with necrosis. The pathology report states estrogen receptors are negative. After biopsy II received my pathology results, grade 3 but apparently they

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I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. Now she I''m a year-old female with bilateral abnormal findings on ultrasound.

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By Bret McCabe. Bernadette Wegensteina Johns Hopkins professor of media studies and filmmaker, recalls working on her new documentary, The Good Breastand feeling a bit hesitant to put too much of herself into the film. Yes, her voice is heard asking questions, since she's the director.

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Adjuvant therapy for breast cancer normally consists of a course of chemotherapy, hormone therapy or radiation treatment, and is meant to kill any cancer cells not removed by the initial surgery. Yet it has long been clear that many patients either do not start their prescribed adjuvant therapy or start it but do not complete it. Dean and colleagues sought to clarify this issue of trust with a large survey of breast cancer patients in two major U.

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I was diagnosed with chronic depression and anxiety after a bc diagnosis about 4 years ago when I was 41 by my psychiatrist. I have Although I have no family, my concern is how to tell long-distance male

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Sharsheret is proud to be a part of Johns Hopkins Breast Cancer Survivorship Day, a program for patients, survivors, thrivers, caregivers, and families. The symposium features Susan M. Love, MD, MBA and Chief Visionary Officer of the Susan M Love Research Foundation, as the keynote speaker and breakout sessions include: caregiving, reconstructive surgery, exercise, managing endocrine therapy, metastatic disease, immunotherapy, medical marijuana, chemo brain and prevention.

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Retreats are now available specifically for patients like you who are dealing with stage IV metastatic breast cancer. Johns Hopkins University, where I work, has been offering these retreats for more than a decade. We hold 2 retreats every year—one for couples, in which the patients bring their spouse or partner; the other is for women who are not in a relationship, and they bring their female caregiver—usually this person is their sister, daughter, or mom. These retreats last 3 days and 2 nights, and they are free for anyone to attend.


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